Thing Men Should Know Part 4? Maybe?

Honestly this one is all about surrounding yourself. By what you may ask and I say for what reason you wanna surround yourself should the main thing you think of first. Success is exactly what you want to surround yourself for. Setting yourself up to succeed can come in many forms and one of the forms we men forget is true friends. No friends you have known forever, or grew up with, though they can be true friends. I am talking about those that will forcibly pic you up and slap you around a bit so your take the one step at a time to get back on your feet. I am talking about the true friends who caring, compassion, and love come not only with out strings but with out being asked for, with out reservations. With all the things that have gone on with me as of late I have seen who are truly my friends, ad who I know I could/would go to war with and for. So fellas if you think you got it together and you can’t seem to figure out why the ladies are avoiding you, or why people tend avoid you, take stock of whom you surround yourself with. You are seen by the company you keep, its not fair but if you took better personal inventory you would understand why people make such associations. Just something to think about from the Bear.


10 Martial Arts Movies You Should See….Twice!!

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

This film in general is just beautiful and was the trend setter for modern wire work aka wire fu. This is also one of the best told stories in a martial arts film and kicked off an explosion of films in its wake, ie Hero, and House of Flying Daggers to name a few. heads the Chow Yun Fat film in a very well acted and dramatic action role that suits him very well. The rest of the acting in the film is wonderful. This is a complete recommend form this Bear
Ip Man 1 & 2

Ip Man 10
A set of dramatic martial arts action films, though they differ from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon in the that the emotion and impact of these films is explored and expressed through the martial arts more so than the acting. This fact is best symbolized by the 10 v 1 fight in which Donnie Yen’s character Ip Man undertakes in response to events playing out in the story at that time. The movies are both recommended highly though the third film called “the legend is born: Ip Man” can be taken or left it doesn’t star Donnie Yen and suffers from it.
Iron Monkey

Another Donnie Yen film but he is paired with Rongguang Yu, who looks a bit like chow yun fat. This is a very cartoony, film with special abilities that verge on something out of an anime but it is full of awesome choreography, and action.
Fist of Legend

The first Jet Li film on this lit and it was one of my favorites by him. it tells the same story as Ip Man but not as well acted or put together but you don’t come to this film for the story for the most part because the action in this is wonderful.
The Legend of Drunken Master

When it comes to great action, choreography and Jackie Chan you are not gonna get any better than this film. He is in his prime and it shows as his stunts, and Kung Fu are insane in this movie so hands down his best film in my opinion.

The Raid Redemption


as Tai action films go most would say Tony Jaa is tops for the genre but I will counter with this film. As the bevy of actors/martial artists in this film take the limits of what is sane, safe, and expected and toss it to the wind. Giving you a thrill ride of knees, elbows, long no cut shots and stunt work that will make you cringe

Enter the Dragon

What list of film is complete with out the best by the late great Bruce Lee. What can I say other than this movie and his influence is still screaming and punching its way through modern cinema and will remain doing so until the end of film.
Kiss of the Dragon

This is probably the pinnacle of Jet Li’s american films. He is older in this film but his speed, and power is on full display especially in the dojo fight scene were he at one point fight 3 opponent one time.
The Last Dragon

Sho-Nuff the shogun of Harlem makes this movie and when the climactic fight goes down you honestly don’t want him to loose. A cult classic. It has flaws but everyone knows who the Shogun of Harlem Sho-nuff is….
Kung Fu Hustle

Lastly rounding out the list is a wonderful blending of comedy, spectacular choreography and story.if there is anything you can take from this movies awesome is respect your elders cause they may just be Kung Fu masters in hiding.

Big Bear’s Quest: Halo 4

Halo 4, what can I say about this game. The story in continuity with the books it tries to bridge together with the game, it fails at. I know they picked up a franchise from another arguably better studio but the fact remains some editing and attention to detail could have helped the story bits out for those of use who have read all the books, comics, and ground out the games for all the lore bits. The biggest question one will ask them self when starting this game is where the fuck did the other Spartans come from? Next why are they so small compared to Master Chief? Why is Doctor Halsy in this games beginning and never seen again? how the hell did she make it off reach? Why are we fighting the covenant didn’t be play 6 games(including ODST, Reach, Wars) that culminated in a truce and alliance with them? Though one thing you can say which is a plus for this game is “Thank god there is no more flood in this game”. The enemies as usual in all Halo games are smart, tough, and work with the environment well to create challenging game play and not just the slaughter fest that has permeated the franchise in other installments. The game looks great, updated character designs, and the mech designs used for the forerunner weapons and tech are all great. What is not great in this game is the fucking terrible vehicle missions mainly the broadsword one towards the end of the game. Its faults are the tight space your in, the terrible controls. though i honestly feel this is what they were going for to try and create the anxiety and dramatic impact the scene would need in the story. All in all Halo 4 is a good enough game but it basically is the same as all the other Halo’s and I feel fans are better served reading the books for your Master Chief fix. So I am not going to say I am looking forward to the next installment but if i can get it for $7.50 or cheaper I will play it. I haven’t checked out the spartan ops mulitplayer for the game though I hear its good. Maybe that will be a later review but I could take the money I need for a gold membership and get a mic for the podcast lol which would be better appropriated cash at this point lol but hey if you can grab up Halo 4 for cheap or are a die hard franchise fan its a recommend. if not, for this games price, and that of a gold member ship you can get 3 or 4 of the audio books or almost all of the paper backs for the Halo franchise and get a vastly superior experience. This Bear is out until next time.


So I have been basically testing the boundaries of my ability to podcast this mouth and it has been a hoot because after trying the podcast a week schedule when i first started Talk Nerdy 2 Me, I failed not all entirely my fault but i shoulder the responsibility for the cast. Now I have for the month of October undertaken 31 Podcasts in 31 Days. Its a horror movie a day and it has been rather taxing because I have continued to put out regular episodes on top of these(those some pull double duty like the Carrie episode) I also have gotten some guests on bored and have at least 2-3 more before the months is out to have on the show. This all means that we can actually finish this task and maybe come out of it with more movies than we actually intended plus network and build some relationships with other casters. It has been a blast and the regular episode format will be changing some. I am trying to get it more professional so the segment intros will return also other podcast promos in the middle or end of podcast with return. Sponsorships if any do come in for the podast in the future will come at the front of the podcast also bumpers will be used for middle of cast breaks. Bonus/Minisodes will be rather informal but will keep being numbers as they are currently with defining abbreviations depending on there purpose (ie HH for Halloween Horrorfest). last interviews I am hoping to not just keep interviews to the time after AFO each year as I would like to get Authors, Actors, Voice Actors, other Podcasters and folks into the mix as well to add to there grand total. Phew this is going to be a fun second half of the year for Talk Nerdy 2 Me I have many more lofty goals but each one comes with time and effort that i must expend and time is something we never seem to have enough of.

With all that said the idea of sponsors feels rather crazy to me because I am so not comfortable with PR, Adverts, and that sort of business dealings. I am behind the mic remember. So am so crazy nervous about attempting. Also Momma has been prodding at the idea of getting a small business license for the podcast so new equipment and travel can be written off so it’s not such an expense though that opens a whole world of things and possiblities but its hard to fathom attempting such things. Well who knows right? What the future may hold but it frightens me and excites me lol. Well I am out of here  and I hope you guys enjoy coming to sit down and talk with me and I will continue both updating and chatting and podcasting. It’s what i want to do, and passion of mine that i love so no matter how down and out i get or seem coming to this blog and spouting off about to you all and putting out a new podcast makes it better. knowing that the few of you who read this or listen to the cast enjoy it keeps me going. I thank you so much for all the support and for all the attentions and help you have given. Thank You and the bear is off to probably watch another film lol.(Hey TundraBaby Wake up!!)

OH Canad- wait….?

Yeah This guy was out and about for bit traveling the world, seeing the sights, drinking beer and eating heart warming poutine. I was in the great white north…..again(fucking alaska) but this time it was Acton, Ontario Canada to rub elbows and cupcakes with FlashPulp‘s own Skinner Co Execs and Jr. Execs. I had a blast we recorded some podcasts and those are both live a running free as well as just enjoyed one another’s company. I can’t wait to go back it was a blast. Yes there are pictures but you gets none… lol ok so you get a few they will come in another post as I don’t have the thumb stick with them on me as I am supposed to be on the road back home but a pit stop at the farm for a couple days is always a good thing. Jrd, Opop, JMay, were wonderful hosts who spent way to fucking much money on me and thus next years balticon they will get ten fold in meat i swear it.

There isn’t much difference between the two countries how ever other than the fact Canadians 1) Can’t not drive 2) are super nice about everything. Other than those two fact there basically the same. All in all in the a fun trip and its been way to fucking long since i been up north and i will definitely try to make this a yearly thing if i can because we went to a Halloween themed amusement park(Jrd stamped it when he decided we need fast lane passes for this thing.) The rollercoasters were fucking insane leviathan my hat is off to you good mechanical beast. JMay you are going in every haunted house we can find by the way next time. We also will try to make it a two day affair next time so we ca get in some of the awesome Halloween shows and events planned.

Well if you want to hear more please stop by FlashPulp for there Flash Cast Minisode featuring Me and Protector of Regina, Throat Punch Janelle. Also you can stop by Talk Nerdy 2 Me or TN2M Facebook Page and hear us go on about horror movies and how Canada invaded my podcast lol. so until next time from the Den Big Bear is out and on the road…again?(yeesh I am out of practice)

5 to go until 100 bits of content

Me PhotoMan, to think I am almost at 100 posts. I didn’t think I did that much on here but 2 years will pile up on you. I have had a wonderful weekend of podcasting, canning, conversation and company. Its been good. So here I am dropping a blog to boost my numbers and get closer to that 100 posts mark.

I am here at the farm, now and the quiet is lovely.  So what to talk about hmmm I figure since I am not prepaired the upcoming blog posts should do. let’s see:

1) 10 Things list coming your way

2) Things Men should know part 4 I think lol

3) Some reviews Movies, Comics, and Tv Shows

4) More Podcasts, I have tons of those so keep and eye out

Speaking of the podcast I am thinking about combining this blog and the podcast as content sometimes and often does over lap and I want to get a wider audience for them both and was thinking combining them would help that though i don’t know. but any way I figure this is enough for now but I would love to hear your thought on combining my two babies or what subjects you guys would like to see me blog or podcast about so contact me here or on FB or by Email: Also comment on the podcast if you have listened with suggestions, criticisms, or what ever fills your mind. And Me and Jen will be glad to address them. Thank you and see later from the den.

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Troubles, and turmoil led one to a impasse

Sigh it seems like very damn time i get back in to the swing of things I get hit with some things worse than what kept me away before. Thing were looking fantastic as AFO hit and passed college was on the horizon and i was planning to complete my degree and try and see what this adult thing was all about. hehe, well as fate would have it that was not in the cards. So I am back tail between my legs, head spinning, and feel well to put it bluntly like a failure. I can’t really put it any other way. I had pumped myself up and got so geared up for things to finally starting moving in a more positive direction. I mean even with the gaps in content because of life this blog and my podcast have done well the past year. With the degree i as gonna get(because I knew and still know I would and will get it) it would have lead me to a career in just this sorta of field this new media field, and a life of production. Well now i am back to square one or at least were I was before attempting college for the second time. Maybe when i can get that third time it will be the charm. If you need the gritty details of what actually happened with school check out the Bonus Episode of the podcast its not the usual just me but I felt i had to, so that those who care about me and know me and worry about me didnt think i was giving up. I wont lie as I moved my things out of the dorms I almost did give up. I hurt so badly but enough of this. Just know I am back and still pushing onward and trying to see how this all will settle thank you for being patient, all of you. Thank you for not forgetting about this old veteran bear. I still got some kick left and i plan to kick some ass and take some names though I will probably misspell them but hey at least i am trying right lol(ok bad joke) Iwill be posting like a mad man here and at Talk Nerdy 2 Me so get ready. It the punch you don’t see that drops you and I got dropped pretty damn hard but with legs still wobbly I am gonna take off. Alta Mae’s boy has never been a coward and I wont stop fighting now. Again thank you all for being crazy patient and uber caring.

AFO, three years running!

HO ho ho, I am here and got some things to say. I know normally about this time of year i do a 3-4 post blog about AFO and all the things I will be doing from the thursday before the con(zero day) and the last(day three) but since I have got the podcast going I am con’in the girls into jumping on to the wave form and casting a show from AFO itself. I am also mid research even though this is like day before my flight. AFO this year seems to be power ranger light with anime/video game heavy guests and I honestly couldnt be happier. Also the power ranger guests are Paul Schrier and podcast friend Jason Narvy who dropped us a bumper last year. well this year I am locked and locked with camera and H2n Mic so here is hoping I get some interviews.(crosses paws)

With that said I will address what some know from following my podcast page on Facebook and my personal page I am 10 days from going back to college full time and it has been an aggravating, frustrating, and just down right miserable experience from a paperwork and money stand point but its fixed for the most part as of this posting with one a few minor deals to hash out come next week. So I am glad your all BEARing with me(see what i did there). so please please hop on over to The Talk Nerdy 2 Me Podcast to get more of me and of course my life best friend in the whole world Jen aka the TundraBaby while on the latest episodes we review The Conjuring and then make the world explode from awesome with out guests Tee Morris and his wife Philippa Ballantine.

Well I think that is all the shameless promoting and pandering for forgiveness. oh and if you feel frisky leave comments here, email me at Also review and rate us on iTunes if you want and check out Facebook Page because at 100 likes, and so one we will do some give away of some things I have here. I also plan some random give aways as well but nothing like milestones for celebrating right? Well guys I am off to mow the lawn after I toss some cloths in to the drier then its nappy time before my last day at work. I hope to maybe see some of you at AFO. This is the Bear until next time.

Anime in Hollywood…

With the release of the fantastic film Pacific Rim(Which everyone should see) I am reminded of just how much anime(Japanese Cartoons) have influenced Hollywood and Tv. This is news to alot of people and alot of them call shenanigans on my claim, this is fine because everyone has there freedom to feel that way but I am here today in the Den to posture alittle bit so “Bear” with me.

I am a huge nerd we all know this and take it as fact lol(most do anyway) and this means I watch things from Doctor Who to Warehouse 13 back to X-Files and Star Trek: Next Generation ending with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoons. So shows like FireFly are loved by me and so many others yet when I brought up the fact that the scene in the beginning of the series when Dr. Simon Tam’s sister River is awakened coiled up in a briefcase the first thing out of my mouth was holy shit its Outlaw Star.


Melfina awoken in Outlaw Star

I am not saying this is a bad thing at all but but on the contrary is a great homage to Whedon’s love of anime. Yet alot of fans of the show call it a qawinky dink. Well huh.

Another movies that had my anime senses tingling was The Chronicle. I n my opinion its the closest we will probably ever get to an Akira movie. What is Akira you ask? Well it’s a SciFi action film from the 1988 directed by Katsuhiro Otomo, written by Otomo and Izo Hashimoto and is thought to be one of the most beautiful and influential feature length Anime to this day. It’s about a kid who gets psychic powers and as we power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The kid turns totally bag and ends up going against his friends, the government and himself. the story parts are very similar but the two key things that connected The Chronicle and Akira in my mind was the speech in chronicle about natural selection and apex predators and the visuals during the hospital break out and fight were the man character in chronicle has his head bandaged, along with his arm and leg and looks almost identical to Tetsuo in Akira during his hospital scenes. also the fight during the climax shown in the trailer has alot of similarities between the Tetsuo v Military fight in Akira.














I have simply talked about a tv show that has gained massive love from a its massive fanbase and a major motion picture that hit thousands of screens world wide. So to finish up and back track both at the same time I want to come back to Pacific Rim, or as alot of my friends call it G Gundam meets Godzilla. Gundam and Godzilla are probably the two most recognizable franchises to come out of Japan. The Godzilla connection in Pacific Rim is right in front of you as soon as you see the trailer giant monsters known as Kaiju. When you watch the film these creature designs are all based on Earth based critters, like the gorilla-esk monster fought by the main characters in there robot Gypsy Danger, or the crab like kaiju in a key flashback scene. Now the thing that brought the butts to the seats was giant robots and these things are awesome, and there connection to anime in this humble Bear’s opinion is more based in the work of Go Nagai. the Key and point being the Rocket Punch shown in the trailers along with the chest missiles used in the film and the chest blast which is very similar to Getter Robo’s Getter Beam. Where as the crews of each robot are definitely of the G Gundam-esk stereotypes ie cocky Americans, tough stern no fun Russians(with crazy 80’s hair), the lightening fast kunfu using Chinese team, and the cowboy like Australians.

Mazinger Rocket Punch

Mazinger Rocket Punch

Gypsy Danger Rocket Punch

Gypsy Danger Rocket Punch












The moral of this post in the nutshell is basically to say there is nothing wrong with liking anime or giving it its proper due, Hollywood does, even though they may not scream it from the mountain tops. The influences are all throughout our favorite tv shows, games, movies you name it. So when some nerdy lil otaku like me says hey man there is this Japanese cartoon with stuff just like that or identical too, why not check it out you could be pleasantly surprised.

Well this Bear is signing out sorry for the super long post, but some times a guy just has to go hey look! SEE! I told you man! and let that be that lol. Anyway hope I didn’t bore you with my gibber jabber and just maybe you came away with a new outlook on anime and how it can show up when you lease expect it. so until next time.

Feeling Good…WHAT!? It Happens!

Ya know, So many things can knock you down or smash up your day. Yet so many simple things can turn it all around. For me sitting on my front porch smoking a nice cigar can calm a shit-tastic day and turn it around. Though today I have found another pleasure and it was rather glorious. That was reading a good comic book. That comic was Irredeemable, basically the story of what would happen is superman was bat shit crazy and liked it. I haven’t read a story as satisfying as this since I read Stephen King’s Bag of Bones, and haven’t felt so good finishing a story from beginning to end since his dark tower series.

I think alot of us forget to just enjoy the things that got us along before all the working, and bill paying, etc. So I highly recommend Irredeemable it was a great story I will be trying to podcast about that and Man of steel with James(Face) at some point. I have also picked up a new books. This one is by PJ Schnyder called Bite Me its books one in her London undead series. Tonight as of this post at 7pm est there will be a twitter chat with prizes lol. just looks up #BiteMe and join in on the fun.

Well I am going to keep this short and sweet I have scotch to drink, OWG posts to crit, and more reading to do plus podcasts. Yet I wont forget to take a bit of time for me to enjoy and relax, and neither should you.  Until next time talk to you later.