AFO In Review: Day 0

This will begin my Anime Festival Orlando review this is day zero to follow will be days one, two, and three, or Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I have never been to an anime convention in my life this was my very first, I want to let you all know this from the jump. With that said if I say anything that seems like a generalization toward anime convention in a whole I am sorry.

The convention is held in the Wyndam Resort Orlando, this is a rather nice hotel, the grounds are utterly immaculate, and seemed designed to accommodate the “riggers” of youth, with three pools, the main of which is largest and has a bar open till midnight. The grounds also have large lagoons offering up very nice scenery from almost every building on the property. The location of the hotel is very nice being with in short walking distance of several large restaurant chains also being close to a plethora of huge amusement attractions.

Speaking of those chains the McDonalds here is rather amazing with a large two story play place with an arcade to boot. Not only is the build different from the Micky D’s we know the menu is also different offering up not only traditional entrée’s but also a variety of “finer” dining options. I must say the building boasts that it is the most unique McDonalds, and I feel it is deservingly so.

Now to keep on with the food trend of this review so far, I will turn back to the hotel and talk about it’s two restaurants on the premises. The first is Augustine’s it, looks and feels like a sit down restaurant, it even offers up a breakfast buffet with fresh made eggs to order, and omelets with topics to die for. I stuck with ham, jalapeños, bacon, and my cheeses were asiago, feta, and pepper jack  throw on some hot sauce and your talking a “built to last” meal that is your one way ticket to itus-ville, were sleep and lethargy come standard issue. Now on to the Bar and grill by the main pool, this is a themed place called Gatorville, looking like some tropical island party down to straw thatched roof and wicker chairs. I part took of a sandwich known as the….damn I forgot but it was filled with, roasted pork, ham, pepper jack cheese, whole grain mustard on Cuban bread grilled on a panini press to perfection. Top this with some fresh fries seasoned with fresh cracked pepper and salt you are again entering itus-ville. I chose to wash this down with one each of the two local brews available 1) Orlando organic Red Ale, 2) Orlando Organic Pale Ale. The Red was by far superior to the pale Ale to be honest  the pale ale was not at all flavorful while the red was robust and a bit sweet. There is no lack of good food nor good service at any of these places, so take your pick and enjoy.

With all that jazz out of the way it is time to get down to what your all here for AFO 2011 in review: Day 0. After checking into my hotel room on Thursday, I of course began to wonder around the ground and see what there was to see, people at this point which was about 2-2:30 were already in costume for the con(go figure right) even though it didn’t officially kick off until Friday. The vibe I was getting at first was very tense like that of an approaching storm so I was very tentative to talk to people, or try to net work, seeing as I am very new to this whole blogging thing, and have yet to finish a single writing work though many are near to being finished. This feeling would be summarily crushed a destroyed by some very nice friendly people whom after I wondered about I met in the line for pre registration. I will have pictures of these guys through out this blog and the other posts in this series to include panel reviews and cosplay, because they did both host a couple panels and cosplay. This group fun seeking anime fans left the line head of me and went to the pool I was still waiting on my badge. It only took about an hour and some change, the line would have been done much, much faster if the people in it had read the fucking rules about what is needed for pre registration, it was nothing major, your ticket, photo ID, room key or hotel receipt, but once I was done I went, changed and hit the pool. We had a very good time I am a very shy person at first so having these guys warm up to me so easily was awesome, I even turned a chick on with my verbose anime knowledge and talk about curtain stuff one of which was Kazuo Koike, another was the 1986 transformers movie, though I am pretty sure it was mostly mentioning Kazuo Koike and if you haven’t read his work do so and you will know why. Oh and I must not forget Sean he was another person I met inline who was awesome and we kept running into one another all over the place so I can’t for get him.

Now whilst at the pool some random guys showed up with some turn tables and music and the party really got started, and I got to say it was a blast and after this wet and wild high jinks we headed to out respective rooms at about three in the morning to prepare for Day 1 of Anime Festival Orlando. Upon returning to my room I saw my phone had exploded with text messages most surprising was from cosplay photographer Ashlee Miller, her and her friends were late getting in so they didn’t get to enjoy Day 0 as the rest of us had and I was sad for them up until I passed out in my bed lucky enough to have set my alarm.

So ladies and gentlemen that is AFO in review: day 0, I have already got Day 1 written just need some edits and the corresponding pictures and it will be posted shortly thanks for stepping into the Big Bear’s Den


Fright Night(2011)

This being the year of the remake when it comes to movies I am proud to say that most of the remakes if not all are good one of which being better than the original. oh you wondering which one The Karate Kid starring Jaden Smith far superior to the original film. Sadly we are not here to talk about Jaden and his awesome role, but Colin Farrel and the rest of the crew in the 2011 remake of the colt horror classic Fright Night from 1985.

Most if not all who heard there was going to be a remake of Fright Night groaned and wrote it off but I only have one thing to say to you Doctor Who with a shotgun David Tennant stars in this movie as well but we will get to him later. This movie was absolutely amazing there are no sparkly blood suckers or fake werewolf shape shifters only tried and true vampires. Collin Farrel does an amazing job as Jerry the vampire. He is smooth, and sexy just what the ladies like but deranged and creepy, his body movements, and mannerisms fit very very well with the character. The movie depicts vampires as nothing more than your text book, burn up in delight, suck blood turn you in to one of my kind, vampires all attributes we know and love along with the speed and strength. So why is was it so good if this is the same old thing because with all these new emo baby fucking pansy vampires out there we forget how creep, ominous, and sexy vampires can really be ala interview with the vampire.

Not the next two people you should know about are Imogen Poots who plays the role of Amy our heroes nubile girlfriend, and the hero himself Anton Yelchin, these are two young actors with bright futures ahead of them Yelchin does a masterful job taking up the mantel of sleepless and deranged teen suspecting his neighbor of sucking blood for sustenance. Imogen well what can I say she has a load of experience from her time in 28 weeks later and other films so her progression in to a more adult and emotional role is evident through out this movie and kudos to her for a job well done

Now this movie is rife with cameos first off you have Mc.Lovin himself Christopher Mintz-Plasse who is the nerd kid who blows the scoop on mister Jerry as the blood sucking supernatural being he is but can he win against 400 years of survival, ah who knows but he is fucking hilarious in this movie and does it justice.

Seeing as we are talking about cameos we must finally come to the best one of all David Tennant best know as the man the myth the legend, the good Doctor Who on the smash hit BBC television show under the same name. Tennant in this movie is spectacular harnessing some Russel Brand like mannerisms, and attitude but mixing in his own unique flare along with more F-Bombs than you can shake a stick at he delivers a very very memorable performance.

All in all I was thoroughly impressed with Fright Night 2011 version I think it is well acted, well shot, and the star power drives home this movie like so many attempt but can’t pull off. This movie is worth seeing in theaters and picking up on blu-ray, the special effects are great and very well done the vampiric transformations are awesome through vampires back to the days of nasty fang mouth demons who don’t take shit from no one. So check this out if you don’t have the time, make the time it is truly worth it.

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Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark(2011)

Follow along with the year of the remakes we come to ‘Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark’ remade from a movie that came out in 1973, this movie is rather under the radar so much in fact Netflix doesn’t have it on streaming or DVD so I can not check it out, Torrent here I come. This movie is heralded by Troy Nixey and written by non other than Guillermo del Toro, I feel once his name is out there I don’t have to say much else he make quality and this movie doesn’t disappoint.

Katie Holmes and Guy Pearce star in this movie playing a couple restoring an old home and trying to make it in the architecture and interior design world. Little do they know what is in store for them once Guy Pearce’s character’s young daughter comes to live with them.

Bailee Madison plays the child Sally whom quickly becomes the target of the antagonists in this film she does her role well though at first i thought we was just rather dry but she comes to life as the movie progresses so I am lead to believe this was apart of the role.

The antagonist in this film are faefolk, and if you know of the traditional tales about faefolk you will pick upon this right away the movies drops hints right away with the shots of Fairy Circle. These little CG creations are very creeping and there love of the dark and hate of the light(to the point it hurts them when shown directly on them) that they fit very well in to the dark, and thick atmosphere created as the environment of this movie.

There are no really comical moments in this movie from the bloody intro to the final moments this movie delivers and dark and seemingly hopeless concept that captures you with surprising ease. I don’t want to go into this movie much more than this because 1) I haven’t seen the original to make a comparison and 2) to tell more would just be going through the plot scene by scene and that would ruin this gem of a undercover classic remake so go check it out and see why you SHOULD be afraid of the dark.



A Place of Peace

So yeah, I have been a rather lazy little bum and for that I am sorry, I have been having some horrible times at work and been so out of it when I got home that I haven’t done any blog post yet. I do have some in the works thought so hold on for those.

The reason I named this blog place of peace because I think I am well over do to my place of peace, I have family who are awesome and when I get stressed or what have you or just want to come mooch off there hospitality(mom makes awesome food *drool*) they let me come down along with my better half and chill. Oh don’t give me that look I work for my mooch and work I do, You ever have to clime 20 foot supports and help put a roof on a hay barn, slaughter a 50+ pound turkey, clean a chicken coop, build a turkey coop, toss square hay bails? Well if you haven’t that shit is some fucking hard work. I have a total blast though so mooch/fun for peace of mind and body I will take that any day.

You probably think I am weird but physical work, lifting and moving and all that jazz calms me helps me focus because I don’t have to think about it. No stress involved in good ol’fashioned hard work, and the payoffs make it well worth the sore muscles and stiff back. Now any other place and I am not so zenful about work, this place is a little hole in the wall area of Virginia called Rich Patch cell signal is almost nonexistent, the room I stay in has no TV, and the only source to connect me to the outside world is the super high speed wireless internet. This is another reason I love this place, because phones are distractions and stress provider, weather its a call about bills, or family, or even friends wanting to hang out it all adds up.

A changing of your venue also help this place is beautiful a 200+ acre farm with horses, hundreds of chickens, and 3 big ol puppies named Kasey(pure bred Springer Spaniel) and Sam, and Elli(both Great Pyrenees) who make me realize while having a family pet or pets is such a wonderful thing no matter how man bomb they accidentally drop on the carpet when you don’t get there to let them out in time. Also they to have a feline army which used to be bigger but have lost a few along there journey through life(RIP Mikey, Spanky, and Smokey) Though they do have two remaining generals from the original feline army of at 15 and 17 years old Kenny and Stempy are troopers man real feline army vets Kenny with a confirmed rabid ground hog kill(i really do mean confirmed he fucked that thing up son), and Stempy with more mouse/rat kills than an exterminator they are a furry ball of death to all those who encroach on there territory. Just as a side note Spanky one of the fallen warrior died from wounds cause my a bob cat or larger predatory feline the fact he lived for so long after the fact attests to his badassness, Mikey was a kitty special forces survivalist he lived for three months in the Appalachian mountain after feeling the need to chance after and hunt wild turkey, needless to say he wasn’t very skinny they found him actually they saw him chance more turkeys across a road. Those are the type of kitties int here feline army, my feline army are bad ass now numbering 9 but they are nothing to the Original Gangstas found in the Rich Patch detachment of the feline army.

So don’t forget guys take some time and enjoy your self take a drive, netflix something but find a place and be a peace there away from everyday stresses and issues it will do you a world of wonder. Keep a look out for up and coming blogs probably several in the next few days

Detroit Metal City

I haven’t reviewed any anime on this blog yet so I thought I would kick my anime reviews on in style. That style will be that of hard rocking Metal Band Detroit Metal City.

If you have watched Cartoon Networks Metalocalypse then you will have a small idea of what this show is like, though I say small because DMC is so fucking intense that deathclock would get bent over and turning into bitch pigs like the rest of the shit bands that have stepped before them.

DMC does not start with its front man Krauser the 2nd, but there manager who is only referred to as such. She is a blonded headed, F-Bomb dropping, cigarette smoking, whiskey swilling metal head whose lower regions only get wet with orgasmic pleasure from the most metal of metal. That is right DMC can make the hardest metal heads crotch soaked and there manager openly lets them know of her crotches wetness.

Next up you have the bands DMW drummer Camus, Kid and Play could never even imagine having a box hair cut like his. Camus is man with no fear he played his thundering drums through a fire ranging around him and when not performing with DMC he loves food, and describing in detail how a women needs to eat a wiener.

Jagi is the bassist and pretty boy of the band and don’t his girl loving civilian persona fool you once he is in mind and body for DMC he reaches into the fieriest pits of hell and spews forth ranging flames that burned down the concert hall of a rival band.

Before we get to the man course of DMC we will take a look at a often over looked member of the band the bitch pig of capitalism.

There is not much to say here his name says it all he is the bondage bitch of DMC front man Krauser the 2nd. You may be thinking what does this entail well you get all the spankings and rape form the demon king you can handle and the adoration of millions of DMC’s loyal fans

Now last but definitely not least is the man himself Krauser the 2nd front man and lead guitarist of DMC. He is the self proclaimed(and many if not all his fans agree) Demon King. Who killed his mother and father then raped there bodies, risen from hell to cause chaos and mayhem. This rocker also doesn’t forget the music and says that with out metal he would have been just another mass murderer. That is just how Krauser the 2nd is….METAL.

Now that I have given you a run down of the characters that will change your opinion of Japanese Metal i will give you a rundown of the plot of Detroit Metal City. The anime’s main character is Negashi a boy from a little country village with dreams of becoming the lead singer pop band. In pursuit of this dream he moves to tokyo for school. The anime doesn’t go into the why or how he ends up in DMC but that he does and does not like. The story is more or less about how the life of being in DMC and as Krauser the 2nd ruins Negashi’s attempts at a normal life. He does not how ever help his case by dressing up as krauser and giving way to the desire to be him. I personally say he is just schizophrenic but what ever.

Another continual concept through out this anime is the managers pursuit of making Negashi live the life style of metal band front man. As it may sound this leads to some very metal high jinx. I wont give examples of the plot devices all I will say is go get this anime. It hasn’t been licensed yet in the US but we can all hope, to find this anime go on you tube and search for it or if you par take of bit torrents there are I am certain many torrents of this show. The effort you put into this is well worth it this anime is well, metal. GO TO DMC!!!!!

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One Parent Household

Yeah the title to this is a little off setting for what I normally try to talk about on here but I spoke with a friend early this morning and they brought up the fact they were very upset there child’s father wouldn’t involved in there life as much as she would have liked or wanted. I didn’t take offense but he brought up a point of my life that I never took as a issue, for lack of a better word, the fact I was raised in a one parent house hold.

My mother raised me with out a father figure around, and I don’t feel it hurt me at all if anything it showed me just how strong my mother was, giving me a goal to strive for as I matured. Am I saying I wouldn’t have liked my dad around no not at all but to me even now at 26 years old I don’t the desire or need to know whom my father was. It’s kind of an example of “I can’t miss something I’ve never had” that may seem harsh or bleak but its the truth, I never had a dad but I did have a Mom who bandage my scrapped knees, taught me to me about women, how to fight, and gave me strength when my first deployment on active duty came around and that first mortar round landing so close I felt the heat rocks it kicked, not the person who was never there.

I have only been rambling on about this to say Mom’s out there don’t worry if the dad isn’t there a lot, or not at all, because Mr.Mom has a whole new meaning in today’s society, embrace your strength and love unconditionally that is what makes a parent, Mother or Father.

Conan The Barbarian(2011)

I just got back from Conan, and I honestly didn’t know what to expect. Honestly I stayed away from reviews of it because I wanted to go into it with a proverbial clean slate. I know its Conan and the Govenator back in his mister universe days blessed the screen with ridiculous sword fights even more ridiculous muscles, and a script a five year old could remember but it was and still is a action/ high fantasy classic, and this movie does it justice.

Jason Momoa takes on the lead role of Conan, Stephen Lang replaces James Earl “The Voice” Jones as the key villain that turn young Conan’s world upside down. The movie does a fabulous job of depicting the childhood we only got hints of in the original Conan. The illustrious Ron Perlman plays Conan’s father, whom cuts the fetal Conan from his mothers womb amongst the clashing swords and shed blood of his enemies and clansmen. this isn’t a spoiler cause it comes int he first like 5 minutes of the movie but the way they show Conan’s fighting spirit and lust for blood is absolutely amazing, and the fight choreography through out the movies is average at best with some things shining out but more or less run of the mill.

Now the story of the movie to me seemed like a blending of the original two Conan movies The Barbarian and The Destroyer. unlike the original Barbarian Conan has some Pals and isn’t the loner warrior slashing the throats of all that stands before him(though in this movie Conan has a penchant for beheading). This movie has him going from place to place in the company of a very large companion with dreadlocks. Also he runs along with a little one eyed thief for parts but never for long periods. It will be good to see how they do a sequel for we all know there will be one I mean this is gonna be one of the biggest block busters of the summer season.

Now This movie had a rating of  ‘R’ though to be honest I would have said its NC17 at best yeah there quite a few chicks running,dancing, or just standing with there tits out and about for the world but nothing that would warrant a rating of ‘R’ also the combat is a bit gritty but its no where near as gory as some ‘PG13’ horror flicks out there. There is one sex scene but its like 2 minutes long at most and not that graphic to boot. So yes technically this movie has material that would require a ‘R’ rating but the ways its executed it doesn’t seem to w`arrant that high of praise in my opinion though it is good to see they still give out ‘R’ ratings seeing as almost every horror movie that has come out this year and most of last year has only been ‘PG13’.

This is what I would say is a straight guy movie blood,boobs, and butchery a great combination for the testosterone producing members of any audience though one of my better halves was with me and she was dreading it from jump and when all was said and done she really liked it so ladies don’t be afraid to sit down with your testosterone fueled hubby or boyfriend whose dragged you long you will get a kick out of the savagery that Conan wields plus Jason Momoa got into some hellafied good shape for this so there isn’t  shortage of eye candy for the ladies. To finish go see Conan The Barbarian 2011 version it is well worth your time and money.

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Bodyguards and Assassins

When I have extra cash, my fun money, I pick up a movie, game, or book that catches my eye. Well I had a little extra cash and time on may hands these past two days off and I ran across an Martial Arts movie starring one of my favorite actors of the genre Donnie Yen. This movie was called if you hadn’t guessed already Bodyguards and Assassins. The producers also brought you The Warlords, The director Teddy Chen is only known here in the states for Jacki Chan’s Accidental Spy. Yeah I know what your thinking Teddy Chen doesn’t have a very impressive resume and the producers with only that credit to bolster this movie I wasn’t expecting much other than a Donnie Yen ass kicking feature. What I wasn’t expecting was a gut wrenching emotional roller coaster. The is rather slow to begin with as it builds up characters and the political tension and strife that is the driving conflict for the movie. Along the way you have some side stories set up, the part that I feel helps this very slow building section of the plot is the cast of interesting characters the gentle giant, the humble love struck rickshaw driver and many more.

The movie begins to take momentum shift just about half way through and the movie producing one of the longest fight sequences I have ever come across at about an hour in length. The climax to this movie is one of the best I have seen since Hero, and the Ip Man series. The Choreography is very good, though its a bit marred by the bag CG blood splatter. I watched this movie with my two cohorts that I force to watch my movies and anime lol they even liked it though and agreed that this movie is very sad.

To finish up I would just like to say that the characters in this were so interesting that  some of them should get there own movie. Also the company putting out this movie is Indomina, on the dvd they show some previews of other action films from them and some horror films and they all looked really good harking back to the days of Chow Yung Fat’s youth full gun blazing adventures, and Jackie Chan’s supercop series. All in all this movie may not seem like it form the film crew area but if you are into Asian cinema the cast will show you the clout this movie is packing and once your done watching you will know the movie is well above the expectations perceived at first glance so go check it out.

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Red Riding Hood

Sigh, I sat down and watched this bundle of joy and I have to say it was pretty much a waste of time. The only performances that were memorable was Gary Oldman as Solomon. hold the phone I am getting a head of myself.

The movie is a twisting and turning tale based off the child hood story of Little Red Riding Hood. interestingly enough the movie sports some rather interesting concepts from the original fairy tale. Some of these things were the wood cutter he saves Little Red in the original but in this the wood cutter is personified as a trade, a job for the men of the village to do. Another thing from the story is the big eyes, big ears, big teeth comments those were used as a nightmare little red has. The only other I picked up on was the rocks in the wolfs stomach which was how in a version of the story the wolf was foiled from getting red, this was used in the very last parts of the movie do to some circumstances that come about do to the resolution of conflicts. Now those are the only things i know directly came from the original tale(other than the red cloak of course). The movie other than these things is a teen love drama with very crappy effects make up for the victims of the wolf. Also the wolf itself it CG and it’s very noticeable CG I mean the twilight movie werewolf CG was better in my opinion. One saving grace for the wolf was its design was pretty gnarly. a jet black wolf with shaggy fur and golden eyes cliche yes, but still cool.

I am not going to go into detail about the plot because its like 90210  with a wolf, but Gary Oldman played a very convincing holy man monster hunter who would do anything to kill the fowl unholy creatures but he gives him self some very “Fabulous” silver finger nails on his middle two fingers as a weapon against the werewolves though this is made up for with the awesome silver sword he wields. Another things the movies does well is keep you guessing but they don’t by convincing plot twists and such they simply bombard you with blatant imagery to fore the idea that the wolf is this person or maybe it could be this person, it was pretty well done and interesting the first time but then 5 or 6 characters later you just like come on already.

To finish this up, The movie had some good parts and the sets and imagery used to convey the village was done pretty well though there was some environment continuity issues at some points when characters travels here or there outside thew village but nothing major. The fact of the matter is this movie is simply drug down by the unrealistic and simply outlandish love triangle(s) that the plot encircles and the plot twists feed on. Fellas if you got a lady friend you want to treat to a good movie let her have her way and watch this one there is lackluster semi lesbian scene for your boyish desires, but the actions scenes were not well choreographed and were few far in between, so if you ain’t taking a lady on a date to see this don’t watch it…seriously I mean it don’t this one ain’t for you fellas take my word on that one

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I am happy to report I did get some writing done today, only about 1000 words but its better than the drought that has been racking my brain for the last few days. It felt good to get some writing on my story done, though I fear editing it once it done, that is nothing I have ever been good at.

In other things to do with my writing Writers Digest has some E Books up for free so go check them out one of which I am actually reading now is called Writing 101 and it has a list of rules to help writers and so far I have found it rather useful and intrigue especially the first rule which is “Drop the journal”. I do understand why they say that because writing in a journal is like talking to your self and they feel that writing a physical letter is far more beneficial to ones skill with writing that journal because a journal is more or less procrastination. This only makes me wonder about what is the authors take on Blogging is it just a digital Journal or more of a letter to the masses.

Well I am going to keep this short though I may be back once more for a review of Red Riding Hood which just came in from NetFlix, and I am about to sit down and watch it…sigh I hope its not a twilight wanna be take on a classic children’s tale, but Leonardo DiCaprio had his hands in on the making of Red Riding Hood and his last few movies have been very good very good indeed a far cry from his first role in Critters 3(oh yeah if you don’t know now ya know bitches)

So keep and I eye out for a up and coming review of that movie and if you haven’t please subscribe via the email feed burner submission because not only does it make finding out if I had new content out but also lets me know who is out there reading and what I should try to get out there for you guys well thanks a lot and on to my NetFlix.