Chance encounters of the literary kind…

I would first like to thank you for coming and checking out my blog “Big Bear’s Den”. I am pretty sure the name throws you off a bit. The story behind it, is from the nickname I was given by the soldiers in my squad, when I was in Afghanistan for my second deployment. They said waking me up in the morning was like waking a hibernating bear, being 6 foot 2inches, and 300lbs I became know as “Big Bear”. The name stuck so when I got back home and the guys told the story to my better half, she never let it go.

I have been dragging my feet on actually setting up this blog and taking steps to further my writing into the beginnings of a career in writing. Back in 2010 when I had just gotten back from from Alaska, I had the opportunity to go and meet Scott Sigler at a reading/signing for his book Ancestor that had just come out. So I took that chance dragging my family 6 hours to the DC area to a place called Churches Fall, Virgina.  We got there and things went down with out a hitch, though the best part after him signing all the books of his I owned, was going out to drink with him and the other Junkies there. The Place we went to was Dog Fish Ale House, we were all lead there by a man who was only introduced to us as “T”. We got there and ordered drinks we all chatted while waiting for the man of the hour to make his rounds, I began talk to “T” and a wonderfully nice lady that he had come with, whose name at the time I didn’t even know(come to think of it I don’t know if I asked her it to start o0ps 😛 ) and we got on to the subject of writing. They told me they were both authors and had some podcasts of there books out, I thought this was pretty cool and talked about my meager dabbling into writing and they both recommended that I download a podcast called “I Should Be Writing” created and hosted by Mur Lafferty. To sum this up, the night went on and everyone had a great time(I totally fell in love with dog fish beer), the next day heading on home, I downloaded the podcast they recommended along with a few new podcasts. I feel so silly now looking back on that night because I didn’t realize who those two authors, I had befriended the night before where. I am pretty sure you guessed whom I was sitting with, none other than Tee Morris, and Philippa Ballantine and I was absolutely clueless. Go figure right? This trip to meet Scott Sigler ended with me meeting him and two other amazing authors and being introduced to a fourth’s podcast,  I can’t say this was networking but it was definitely a step in the right direction.


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