10 Horror Movies You Should See…TWICE!

I am a well known Horror Movie Junkie amongst my friends, I don’t really watch much else unless its anime or a good testosterone pumping action flick. Since I love the blood letting scream inducing horror genre so much I would like to do a list of my favorite/should see/ can’t get enough horror movies. This is not going to be a best of the best just 10 movies I think you all should see and if you do, will want to watch them again and show your friends and family.








Dance of the Dead

This movies shows you what happens when radiation created zombies break loose from there dank     and dirty graves and crash your high school prom and also why you should never fuck with your war vet gym teacher, this not a scary movie just a well comedy/horror film a definite must see

Night of the Living Dead

What can I say this is what started the whole zombie craze and a must see for anyone who is a  George Romero fan, because its what made him famous. The effects and acting are typical of its era but age well and entertains like no ones business

[REC] + [REC]2

This is a duo of horror Films that take the hand held camcorder style and does it right. Not one time during these movies did I feel like I would vomit up my stomach lining but I did think I was going to go horse from cheering on the sledge hammer wielding bad ass in part one and from saying OMG are you for real in part two these are foreign horror film making at its finest

28 Days Later

This was my first taste of the more modern new style of zombie the kind that runs blazingly fast and turns from corpse to brain munching ghoul in seconds is a UK horror flick and produces a not as good but still entertaining sequel.

Wicked Little Things

Is a child zombie movie from the After Dark Horror Film festival collection 1, these pint sized zombies know exactly how to handle a tiny rural community who worked them to death in mines in its founding by eating them brain first.

Dark Ride

This is another After Dark Horror Film Festival Collection 1 film but instead of zombie you have a teen scream slasher were a gang of friends are trapped in an old run down carnival ride and there is more than facsimiles of dangerous scary things with in these walls


Is a film about a group of delinquent boys and girls brought to a deserted island to camp and learn to work as a team through wilderness survival skills but things go to hell in a hand basket drench in gasoline when attack dogs make kibble out of the counselors and there left by themselves to practice what they were yet to learn.


This is a French zombie film that takes place during a heavy winter were one ambulance medic and her partner/lover if you will find out just how well trained they are to save lives when its there that is at stake.


Is a horror film were the Us Mexican border is ground zero for a alien monster invasion and a photographer who wants to make it big is stuck in the middle of all this mess when his boss tasks him with returning his daughter home safely.

Trick or Treat

Last but not least is one of my very favorites an horror anthology that is done like a theatrical quilt     putting several stories together to make one well meshed and tied together movie that you will want to watch over and over just to let you know Samhain is present in this movie and is very much the bad ass that history makes him out to be.

These are some of my favorite horror films and I implore you all to check then out they are some seriously entertaining shit and will leave you hungry for more. If you guys liked let me know I may do more of these I don’t know just depends on life I supposed and how many more flicks I can cram in to my work heavy life so until next time this is Big Bear crawling back in to his den.


2 comments on “10 Horror Movies You Should See…TWICE!

  1. This is pretty sweet I see some of these movies on Netflix all the time and just don’t watch them I’ll give them a try. Lay it down Produce Man

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