A Place of Peace

So yeah, I have been a rather lazy little bum and for that I am sorry, I have been having some horrible times at work and been so out of it when I got home that I haven’t done any blog post yet. I do have some in the works thought so hold on for those.

The reason I named this blog place of peace because I think I am well over do to my place of peace, I have family who are awesome and when I get stressed or what have you or just want to come mooch off there hospitality(mom makes awesome food *drool*) they let me come down along with my better half and chill. Oh don’t give me that look I work for my mooch and work I do, You ever have to clime 20 foot supports and help put a roof on a hay barn, slaughter a 50+ pound turkey, clean a chicken coop, build a turkey coop, toss square hay bails? Well if you haven’t that shit is some fucking hard work. I have a total blast though so mooch/fun for peace of mind and body I will take that any day.

You probably think I am weird but physical work, lifting and moving and all that jazz calms me helps me focus because I don’t have to think about it. No stress involved in good ol’fashioned hard work, and the payoffs make it well worth the sore muscles and stiff back. Now any other place and I am not so zenful about work, this place is a little hole in the wall area of Virginia called Rich Patch cell signal is almost nonexistent, the room I stay in has no TV, and the only source to connect me to the outside world is the super high speed wireless internet. This is another reason I love this place, because phones are distractions and stress provider, weather its a call about bills, or family, or even friends wanting to hang out it all adds up.

A changing of your venue also help this place is beautiful a 200+ acre farm with horses, hundreds of chickens, and 3 big ol puppies named Kasey(pure bred Springer Spaniel) and Sam, and Elli(both Great Pyrenees) who make me realize while having a family pet or pets is such a wonderful thing no matter how man bomb they accidentally drop on the carpet when you don’t get there to let them out in time. Also they to have a feline army which used to be bigger but have lost a few along there journey through life(RIP Mikey, Spanky, and Smokey) Though they do have two remaining generals from the original feline army of at 15 and 17 years old Kenny and Stempy are troopers man real feline army vets Kenny with a confirmed rabid ground hog kill(i really do mean confirmed he fucked that thing up son), and Stempy with more mouse/rat kills than an exterminator they are a furry ball of death to all those who encroach on there territory. Just as a side note Spanky one of the fallen warrior died from wounds cause my a bob cat or larger predatory feline the fact he lived for so long after the fact attests to his badassness, Mikey was a kitty special forces survivalist he lived for three months in the Appalachian mountain after feeling the need to chance after and hunt wild turkey, needless to say he wasn’t very skinny they found him actually they saw him chance more turkeys across a road. Those are the type of kitties int here feline army, my feline army are bad ass now numbering 9 but they are nothing to the Original Gangstas found in the Rich Patch detachment of the feline army.

So don’t forget guys take some time and enjoy your self take a drive, netflix something but find a place and be a peace there away from everyday stresses and issues it will do you a world of wonder. Keep a look out for up and coming blogs probably several in the next few days


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