Anime Festival Orlando(AFO) or Bust Part Duex

Well If you saw my FB status I talked about getting a Tee Morris and Scott Sigler review up and that shit ain’t happen just want to tell you. The reason being is Tee Morris god where would I start with him he has done so many things and written such a variety of things that I really need to put some time into that review, same thing goes with Sigler our Future Dark Overlord, but the worst part about both these guys is the desire to go all fanboy and scream to the heavens how I love these guys fiction I mean so yeah that will happen just not today the day before I go to AFO(this also may have something to do with it).

I will how ever gibe you a quick run down of my Friday at AFO, I thought about doing all three days but i know something will get changed and I wont have time to update it on here so you will just have to deal with the mysteries not knowing my Saturday and Sunday will bring. Though I will say this Saturday is looking rough because the Rave, Mecha Building 101, and Panel of Doom are all at the same time roughly and I want to see how the DJ’s but the AWO crew calls to me with there vast knowledge of anime. and Otaku culture. Also I will be trying to slink around and see what people will talk to me even for a little bit for the blog. My dreams for the con and this blog: AWO Podcast crew Interview, along with Jason David Frank. What can  I say I grew wanting to kick costume monster ass just like him  as either the green or white rangers hell I got the sounds track to the Power Ranger TV Series. Well enough of my ranting and on with this Show:

My Friday AFO Schedule:

Cosplaying for Dummies–Panel Room 4

Then if I have anything to sign for Ms. Wendee Lee then I will go to her signing but if not I will be in Stunt and Fight Choreography beginner– Citrus Ballroom. I think this will help me do better fight scene for my fiction, or at least I hope because if you can’t learn anything at these panels then why have then right?

Also there Cosplay Photography will begin during this panel so I will have to talk to Ashlee and see if she will be taking pictures during this time.

Then there is a small pause which i will use to either eat or check out the Dealers room then you have opening ceremonies, then Orlandia Act 1, followed by Wendee Lee and the Cowboy Bebop Retrospective.

Then I will be heading off to Best Anime You’ve Never Seen, followed by Power Rangers After Dark, but the crowning jewel with be the first of the AWO lead panels, Playing the Odds: Gambling Anime and Manga with your host Clarissa G.

After that its a toss up between The House That Hentai Built, Most Gruesome Anime Violence, and going back to my room and doing a Blog on the days events.

Well That is my Friday in a nutshell eating and my own personal nerdom moments are not included because well there will be to many to probably count plus I am hell shy so I wont be that interesting to talk to if I don’t have the blog as my conversational crutch so to speak well anyway hope to see you guys there and enjoy your evening or morning or whatever it is for you. hopefully its happy hour, awwww yeah

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