Anime Festival Orlando(AFO) or Bust

I as mention before on this blog will be going to Anime Festival Orlando this coming up weekend. I am taking this very seriously because its my first con, Though I have run into a problem the panels that i really want to go to not only cross into the rave Saturday night but they also cross one another. I am not a raver or a fan of electronic music but i wanted to go to it and see who the DJ’s were because the skill of a DJ is something of interest to this music lover. Blending and flowing music together in a way that doesn’t just ramp up everyone into an uncontrollable frenzy, or make them go to sleep standing is a skill unto its own, and since this con was told to me as the Party Con I would like out it to the test were it counts. There is no need to pay money for some to pay music and call themselves a DJ, we all can do that with an Ipod. yes scratching and mix by hand had been digitized to almost to complete autonomy by nothing beats a DJ, someone who can get on the one’s and two’s and make a unique experience every time they get control of a dance floor.

Now the panels that I am talking about are The Mecha building panel, and Panel of Doom by AWO members Daryl Surat, and Gerald. Gladly enough Clarissa’s panel on gambling anime is lined up against something I care not about and will enough it tremendously. So there is the dilemma I want to get some coverage of the DJ’s for the blog but at the same time I would like to cover these two panels done by in my open 2 of the 5 best panelist at the con Clarissa and the 2 host from AAA podcast make up the remainder. I have no clue what I am going to do In my wildest dreams I would like to get a few question answered by AWO and AAA but I am sure that wont be possible, or at least not yet anyway.

Some good news is that I will be hanging with Ashlee Miller, a very good photographer who will be doing some Cosplay Photography on early morning Friday I think it was and maybe some other times during the Con, being the evil little creation I am going, I am to be tagging along and trying to get some Q&A done from the best and worst of the cosplayer, though I hope the best out weighs the worst. if you wanna see Ashlee Miller’s work or want her to frame you in her whip crack sharp eyes focus then go HERE, you can also find her on Facebook. She has pics of her cosplay work on there and is how I got my first look at some of the cosplay that was at previous AFO’s and Sakura Con’s, this is also apart of my training to prepare my mind for the geeky, nerdy, otakudom that will be spilling forth from every which way including this Otaku Blogger as well, boy shit is gonna be good I dare say.

I have been a busy little bee today made some good brain food breakfast this morning Scrambled eggs, hash browns, creamed beef, in the form of a nice scramble plus bacon and juice on the side *drool* I can’t remember if I made mention but I was a cook in the army, and before that I was raised by my aunts, who had been running a restaurant called the Goody Shop since before I was alive, and if your familiar with the Roanoke Virginia area then you know of them and hell probably of me. My back ground in cook is rather extensive for a decrepit old man of 26 years but its all because of family. I am a very big practitioner of family which means the holidays that produce delicacies of the finest order are top on my list of things important to me. Also important to me is how food can inspire and comfort, which is why I made me some good southern breakfast this morning and then immediately passed out on the couch with my cuddle buddy.

After awoke I got my self down in front of the computer and did social media thing and updating my plethora of profiles on the interweb, I was well rested and my mind was firing on all cylinders so I opened up the word processor and go to business on my novel chucking out 2k+ in total word count after setting a goal of 1 blog post and 1000 words. I am feeling pretty good if you didn’t know. well that is all from here the time is drawing short and a shower before work is calling me so thanks for reading and hopefully I can get you guys an assortment of content from AFO maybe even some interviews and video though I am not holding my breath on those last two. The Big Bear is signing off and crawling deeper into his den until next time

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