Anime is Here, Anime is Everywhere…

I decided to do this blog post after I listened to the podcast novel Cybrosis by P.C. Haring, fun little cyber punk cop story in the vein of Ghost in the Shell, and Armitage. This novel got me to thinking about just how much anime, and manga influence so much of the main stream comic, cartoons, movies, and television we watch today.

This concept may make you folk out there who think anime is for kids or has nothing to offer adults yet anime has been around for sometime now. Matter a fact take a look at some of your favorite films or shows or books and anime is there. A good example but they will never admit it is the Wachowski brother’s film the matrix had its roots based in a anime film called Megazone 23. Some normal guy gets pulled into something much bigger than he and come to find out the world he is living in is a lie created by those in charge. whatever right well the movie came out during the time when the Wachowski brothers would have been able to see this, on top of that they are admittedly anime fans.

Looking about, you should be able to pick out some films with obvious anime like properties or little nods at anime films an shows. In the movie Real Steel the main robot character is named Atom, sounds a little familiar if you know of Osamu Tezuka and his hugely popular Anime Character Astro Boy whose Japanese name was mighty Atom. The point I am trying to make is for all those anime haters out there is take a deeper look at your favorite show or movie next time you call an anime fan a nerd or geek and say anime is for kids because in a round about way you may be one yourself.

By BigBear85 Posted in Anime

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