Apollo 18

Yet another horror flick review I pretty sure you guys are thinking I should make this all about horror flicks but hey the anime is coming I promise lol. I am sucker for space movies and you put in that people get killed by aliens and I am there popcorn and caffeinated soft drink in hand. This move pretty much can be summed up just how I put it people go to moon, aliens attack, and they die. enough said right end of review…not so quick there buddy. This movies a feast for the eyes the authentic looking space suit and technology are amazing this looks like it was filmed by in the Kennedy Administration.

These horror movies were someone is filming with some sort of hand held camera to make things seem more real, more down and dirty, is simply put over done, on top of that not many of them boast a good style and use of this camera trick. Apollo 18 how ever does a marvelous job of utilizing the already dark and creepy atmosphere created by being on the moon with well handled camera shots and cinematics to build a very very creepy feeling movie. This is the first movie that I can say I have watched in the last decade that would warrant such a statement like “this shit is creepin me out” or some variant of.

All in all this movie was very well done and at moments well spaced through out the movie you get that creepy feeling that most suspense thriller horror film fail or simply lack out right. Some of the dialog is a bit….unbelievable but that comes with the territory of a movie were the main characters are flag waving military men. If you got some time definitely go see this movie take a date the few jump scares with have her in your lap in no time, oh and do Big Bear a favor kill any talking teenagers you see in,outside or around your theaters for me I mean fucking seriously ugh well any way enough the show when you can. Big Bear is crawling back into his cave for some well needed rest before work….ugh

By BigBear85 Posted in Movies

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