Bodyguards and Assassins

When I have extra cash, my fun money, I pick up a movie, game, or book that catches my eye. Well I had a little extra cash and time on may hands these past two days off and I ran across an Martial Arts movie starring one of my favorite actors of the genre Donnie Yen. This movie was called if you hadn’t guessed already Bodyguards and Assassins. The producers also brought you The Warlords, The director Teddy Chen is only known here in the states for Jacki Chan’s Accidental Spy. Yeah I know what your thinking Teddy Chen doesn’t have a very impressive resume and the producers with only that credit to bolster this movie I wasn’t expecting much other than a Donnie Yen ass kicking feature. What I wasn’t expecting was a gut wrenching emotional roller coaster. The is rather slow to begin with as it builds up characters and the political tension and strife that is the driving conflict for the movie. Along the way you have some side stories set up, the part that I feel helps this very slow building section of the plot is the cast of interesting characters the gentle giant, the humble love struck rickshaw driver and many more.

The movie begins to take momentum shift just about half way through and the movie producing one of the longest fight sequences I have ever come across at about an hour in length. The climax to this movie is one of the best I have seen since Hero, and the Ip Man series. The Choreography is very good, though its a bit marred by the bag CG blood splatter. I watched this movie with my two cohorts that I force to watch my movies and anime lol they even liked it though and agreed that this movie is very sad.

To finish up I would just like to say that the characters in this were so interesting that  some of them should get there own movie. Also the company putting out this movie is Indomina, on the dvd they show some previews of other action films from them and some horror films and they all looked really good harking back to the days of Chow Yung Fat’s youth full gun blazing adventures, and Jackie Chan’s supercop series. All in all this movie may not seem like it form the film crew area but if you are into Asian cinema the cast will show you the clout this movie is packing and once your done watching you will know the movie is well above the expectations perceived at first glance so go check it out.

By BigBear85 Posted in Movies

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