Chain Letter

Oh I am not going to go even in to that much shit about this movie it was an attempt at the irrational fear some people have about chain letters but seriously its been done and better than this flicks meager attempt. This movie does boast some great special effects make-up, and costuming but seriously the gore factor could save the power acting and piss poor plot.

Piss poor because the plot is: get sent chain letter, if you break chain letter you die, enough said stop here do not collect 200 dollars the gore and the deaths in this movie were pretty decent the make-up spectacular but maybe if they didn’t spend so much on it trying to be one of the million Saw film rip offs they could have got better fucking writers and performance help for the actors but alas they didnt so don’t go and waist your band with lest you really like a bit of blood and gore and definately dont buy this craptacular suck fest, just do like me and…. Maul the shit out of it…*burp*


By BigBear85 Posted in Movies

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