Conan The Barbarian(2011)

I just got back from Conan, and I honestly didn’t know what to expect. Honestly I stayed away from reviews of it because I wanted to go into it with a proverbial clean slate. I know its Conan and the Govenator back in his mister universe days blessed the screen with ridiculous sword fights even more ridiculous muscles, and a script a five year old could remember but it was and still is a action/ high fantasy classic, and this movie does it justice.

Jason Momoa takes on the lead role of Conan, Stephen Lang replaces James Earl “The Voice” Jones as the key villain that turn young Conan’s world upside down. The movie does a fabulous job of depicting the childhood we only got hints of in the original Conan. The illustrious Ron Perlman plays Conan’s father, whom cuts the fetal Conan from his mothers womb amongst the clashing swords and shed blood of his enemies and clansmen. this isn’t a spoiler cause it comes int he first like 5 minutes of the movie but the way they show Conan’s fighting spirit and lust for blood is absolutely amazing, and the fight choreography through out the movies is average at best with some things shining out but more or less run of the mill.

Now the story of the movie to me seemed like a blending of the original two Conan movies The Barbarian and The Destroyer. unlike the original Barbarian Conan has some Pals and isn’t the loner warrior slashing the throats of all that stands before him(though in this movie Conan has a penchant for beheading). This movie has him going from place to place in the company of a very large companion with dreadlocks. Also he runs along with a little one eyed thief for parts but never for long periods. It will be good to see how they do a sequel for we all know there will be one I mean this is gonna be one of the biggest block busters of the summer season.

Now This movie had a rating of  ‘R’ though to be honest I would have said its NC17 at best yeah there quite a few chicks running,dancing, or just standing with there tits out and about for the world but nothing that would warrant a rating of ‘R’ also the combat is a bit gritty but its no where near as gory as some ‘PG13’ horror flicks out there. There is one sex scene but its like 2 minutes long at most and not that graphic to boot. So yes technically this movie has material that would require a ‘R’ rating but the ways its executed it doesn’t seem to w`arrant that high of praise in my opinion though it is good to see they still give out ‘R’ ratings seeing as almost every horror movie that has come out this year and most of last year has only been ‘PG13’.

This is what I would say is a straight guy movie blood,boobs, and butchery a great combination for the testosterone producing members of any audience though one of my better halves was with me and she was dreading it from jump and when all was said and done she really liked it so ladies don’t be afraid to sit down with your testosterone fueled hubby or boyfriend whose dragged you long you will get a kick out of the savagery that Conan wields plus Jason Momoa got into some hellafied good shape for this so there isn’t  shortage of eye candy for the ladies. To finish go see Conan The Barbarian 2011 version it is well worth your time and money.

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