Detroit Metal City

I haven’t reviewed any anime on this blog yet so I thought I would kick my anime reviews on in style. That style will be that of hard rocking Metal Band Detroit Metal City.

If you have watched Cartoon Networks Metalocalypse then you will have a small idea of what this show is like, though I say small because DMC is so fucking intense that deathclock would get bent over and turning into bitch pigs like the rest of the shit bands that have stepped before them.

DMC does not start with its front man Krauser the 2nd, but there manager who is only referred to as such. She is a blonded headed, F-Bomb dropping, cigarette smoking, whiskey swilling metal head whose lower regions only get wet with orgasmic pleasure from the most metal of metal. That is right DMC can make the hardest metal heads crotch soaked and there manager openly lets them know of her crotches wetness.

Next up you have the bands DMW drummer Camus, Kid and Play could never even imagine having a box hair cut like his. Camus is man with no fear he played his thundering drums through a fire ranging around him and when not performing with DMC he loves food, and describing in detail how a women needs to eat a wiener.

Jagi is the bassist and pretty boy of the band and don’t his girl loving civilian persona fool you once he is in mind and body for DMC he reaches into the fieriest pits of hell and spews forth ranging flames that burned down the concert hall of a rival band.

Before we get to the man course of DMC we will take a look at a often over looked member of the band the bitch pig of capitalism.

There is not much to say here his name says it all he is the bondage bitch of DMC front man Krauser the 2nd. You may be thinking what does this entail well you get all the spankings and rape form the demon king you can handle and the adoration of millions of DMC’s loyal fans

Now last but definitely not least is the man himself Krauser the 2nd front man and lead guitarist of DMC. He is the self proclaimed(and many if not all his fans agree) Demon King. Who killed his mother and father then raped there bodies, risen from hell to cause chaos and mayhem. This rocker also doesn’t forget the music and says that with out metal he would have been just another mass murderer. That is just how Krauser the 2nd is….METAL.

Now that I have given you a run down of the characters that will change your opinion of Japanese Metal i will give you a rundown of the plot of Detroit Metal City. The anime’s main character is Negashi a boy from a little country village with dreams of becoming the lead singer pop band. In pursuit of this dream he moves to tokyo for school. The anime doesn’t go into the why or how he ends up in DMC but that he does and does not like. The story is more or less about how the life of being in DMC and as Krauser the 2nd ruins Negashi’s attempts at a normal life. He does not how ever help his case by dressing up as krauser and giving way to the desire to be him. I personally say he is just schizophrenic but what ever.

Another continual concept through out this anime is the managers pursuit of making Negashi live the life style of metal band front man. As it may sound this leads to some very metal high jinx. I wont give examples of the plot devices all I will say is go get this anime. It hasn’t been licensed yet in the US but we can all hope, to find this anime go on you tube and search for it or if you par take of bit torrents there are I am certain many torrents of this show. The effort you put into this is well worth it this anime is well, metal. GO TO DMC!!!!!

By BigBear85 Posted in Anime

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