Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark(2011)

Follow along with the year of the remakes we come to ‘Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark’ remade from a movie that came out in 1973, this movie is rather under the radar so much in fact Netflix doesn’t have it on streaming or DVD so I can not check it out, Torrent here I come. This movie is heralded by Troy Nixey and written by non other than Guillermo del Toro, I feel once his name is out there I don’t have to say much else he make quality and this movie doesn’t disappoint.

Katie Holmes and Guy Pearce star in this movie playing a couple restoring an old home and trying to make it in the architecture and interior design world. Little do they know what is in store for them once Guy Pearce’s character’s young daughter comes to live with them.

Bailee Madison plays the child Sally whom quickly becomes the target of the antagonists in this film she does her role well though at first i thought we was just rather dry but she comes to life as the movie progresses so I am lead to believe this was apart of the role.

The antagonist in this film are faefolk, and if you know of the traditional tales about faefolk you will pick upon this right away the movies drops hints right away with the shots of Fairy Circle. These little CG creations are very creeping and there love of the dark and hate of the light(to the point it hurts them when shown directly on them) that they fit very well in to the dark, and thick atmosphere created as the environment of this movie.

There are no really comical moments in this movie from the bloody intro to the final moments this movie delivers and dark and seemingly hopeless concept that captures you with surprising ease. I don’t want to go into this movie much more than this because 1) I haven’t seen the original to make a comparison and 2) to tell more would just be going through the plot scene by scene and that would ruin this gem of a undercover classic remake so go check it out and see why you SHOULD be afraid of the dark.




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