Forget Me Not

Ok I was told about this movie by a coworker of the better half, and they said it was so scary they couldn’t finish the end, and there was only one jump scare in this movie for me and that was because I started falling asleep and wasn’t paying attention. I will just like to say if you have seen this and you thought it was scary FUCKING kill yourself, I know little 2 year olds who are more frightening than this waist of special effects and costuming that this movie was.

The acting in this movie was under done in most places and in other so over done and unbelievable I almost throw up. yes I know it sounds harsh but I have seen such good b horror Films like Automaton Transfusion, zombie flick that should have hit the big screen, Blood Creek-need a zombie Nazi trying to use black magic for Hitler they got it. Those are just a few, others have been talked about on this blog already. Now I don’t like to just blast something and not give it any praise hell I even gave praise to Twilight and that was the biggest suck fest of supernatural fiction I have ever laid my eyes on, And this is coming from a guy who got extended for 3 month on his first deployment to Iraq if you wanna know the kinda suck Twilight outclassed in my opinion.

SO, The special effects ,costuming, and make-up were down right top notch I think if they had of toned it down a bit and saved some budget for the rest of the film this movie wouldn’t have stunk so damn bad. Hell like the better half just said do a couple bake sales and you could have squeezed out a good flick. yeah yeah i know hard but seriously the base plot was good ghost kills people and they are erased from the mind of all who know them and thus there in is the problem for the main protagonist how to stop this and save friends.

Alright folks this is going to be the beginning of a new feature from the Big Bear, I am giving this film a mauling because it had potential and just killed all that hope placed in it.

Please if you want to see this movie and I am sure you shouldn’t want to at all but if you do it is on netflix streaming though I don’t feel its worth the bandwidth…

By BigBear85 Posted in Movies

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