Fright Night(2011)

This being the year of the remake when it comes to movies I am proud to say that most of the remakes if not all are good one of which being better than the original. oh you wondering which one The Karate Kid starring Jaden Smith far superior to the original film. Sadly we are not here to talk about Jaden and his awesome role, but Colin Farrel and the rest of the crew in the 2011 remake of the colt horror classic Fright Night from 1985.

Most if not all who heard there was going to be a remake of Fright Night groaned and wrote it off but I only have one thing to say to you Doctor Who with a shotgun David Tennant stars in this movie as well but we will get to him later. This movie was absolutely amazing there are no sparkly blood suckers or fake werewolf shape shifters only tried and true vampires. Collin Farrel does an amazing job as Jerry the vampire. He is smooth, and sexy just what the ladies like but deranged and creepy, his body movements, and mannerisms fit very very well with the character. The movie depicts vampires as nothing more than your text book, burn up in delight, suck blood turn you in to one of my kind, vampires all attributes we know and love along with the speed and strength. So why is was it so good if this is the same old thing because with all these new emo baby fucking pansy vampires out there we forget how creep, ominous, and sexy vampires can really be ala interview with the vampire.

Not the next two people you should know about are Imogen Poots who plays the role of Amy our heroes nubile girlfriend, and the hero himself Anton Yelchin, these are two young actors with bright futures ahead of them Yelchin does a masterful job taking up the mantel of sleepless and deranged teen suspecting his neighbor of sucking blood for sustenance. Imogen well what can I say she has a load of experience from her time in 28 weeks later and other films so her progression in to a more adult and emotional role is evident through out this movie and kudos to her for a job well done

Now this movie is rife with cameos first off you have Mc.Lovin himself Christopher Mintz-Plasse who is the nerd kid who blows the scoop on mister Jerry as the blood sucking supernatural being he is but can he win against 400 years of survival, ah who knows but he is fucking hilarious in this movie and does it justice.

Seeing as we are talking about cameos we must finally come to the best one of all David Tennant best know as the man the myth the legend, the good Doctor Who on the smash hit BBC television show under the same name. Tennant in this movie is spectacular harnessing some Russel Brand like mannerisms, and attitude but mixing in his own unique flare along with more F-Bombs than you can shake a stick at he delivers a very very memorable performance.

All in all I was thoroughly impressed with Fright Night 2011 version I think it is well acted, well shot, and the star power drives home this movie like so many attempt but can’t pull off. This movie is worth seeing in theaters and picking up on blu-ray, the special effects are great and very well done the vampiric transformations are awesome through vampires back to the days of nasty fang mouth demons who don’t take shit from no one. So check this out if you don’t have the time, make the time it is truly worth it.

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