Icelandic Horror Flick: Harpoon

Alright so I was perusing through my NetFlix Instant Queue and I came across this movie names Harpoon: A Whale Watching Massacre. I already know what your thinking “whale watching?” and I just have to say you gotta get past the cover art because its very misleading.

The movie tells the story of two friends who are traveling abroad in Iceland, needless to say they are split up due to a night of liquor and debauchery. luckily one friend hooks up with a friend of the band at the night club and stays with him safe and sound the whole movie, and the other one sadly you guessed it goes on a whale watching trip from hell. This sole blond teen heroine is soon joined by another blond young lady, sight seeing japanese trio, a hungry trio of middle aged cougars, a liquored up piss ass drunk Frenchmen, and the a token black guy.

A lot of horror movies would go through some sorry and slow tried and true method of build up oh not this one this movie starts with a harpoon through the chest and keeps on trucking and the stereo types that you would have normal fall prey to normal horror movie cliches but you are wrong mister yes indeed. With the cast of villains lead by none other than the original Leather face himself Gunnar Hansen you won’t believe just how damn crazy and over the tops this movie gets.

I have to say I recommend this movie to people who love some good gory slasher movie fun, also this movie has Icelandic death metal and boobs, I feel that is a good enough summary for all you to jump on the band wagon and get harpooned. lol pun so intended lol

By BigBear85 Posted in Movies

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