Leave those socks alone…

I have been a major lover of out furry little friends Cats, since I was about the same size as they are. One thing most people who have cats will tell you is that the surprises, “what the hell?”, and “aww ain’t that cute” moments are never ending. As of this current moment  I have 7 cats if illness hadn’t taken 2 of my furry little children the number would be 9.

Many people(mostly older family and my Mom) ask me when I am going to give them a grand child, oh how I laugh when I tell them “you already got 7 of them jeez”. That is the point of this post this morning because yes they may not be “children” in the human definition but they do fill the roll very well. I am not talking about having to clean up after them and feed them(though that is a common trend) I am talking about there actions and personalities.

Cats and maybe mine in particular(though I don’t think so) are just spoiled they have run of the house and use that freedom to make me, and anything else squishy there bed for the moment. Which leads to one of the reasons they are like children: I catch then doing things that they know are wrong. That may sounds like whatever but once you have had a pet for long enough they know places there not supposed to lay down or claw and as they grow they begin to “push” there limits just like any growing bundle of joy. Some places my cats are not allowed: entertainment center, or kitchen counter.

I and my better half have rescued 3 of our 7 children Integra, Oliver, and Hennessy. Hennessy was found outside our apartment in Anchorage, Alaska. She had tossed outside in the cold of winter and I mean 10 degrees below mid Alaska winter. She had been freshly brought back from the vet after being spaded, we ascertained this by the fresh stitching that was now tore open and infected. After another vet visit, anti-biotic treatment, and a heated debate about her name she became one of our kids. Integra and Oliver were a pair of kittens I took from there previous home after I saw some of there friends had burned off some of Oliver’s whiskers, and They told me to take Integra because she wouldn’t do anything but scratch and bite anyone who got near her. I took them home and the better half upon seeing there condition stopped beating me with a rolling pen and they became apart of our family.

To finish up we have lost some and gained some since getting back to Virginia and I have to say I love them all, there me and my better half’s children, our family. No matter the number of socks lost or dogs tormented into a barking frenzy they will always be family. Small furry children who love, learn, and live just like we do. So the next time you look at the old women on your block with the billion and one cats and go to laugh, snicker, or sneer remember they are her demonic feline army protectors and will devour her flesh once she decides to leave it and join her higher power. That means they will be uncontrolled and released onto this world and they will remember those snickers and laughs at there now digesting master.


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