MPD Psycho

I first heard about this Manga through the Anime World Order podcast, then I well, paid no mind because I thought it sounded cool but that I would never find it anywhere. Man was I horribly wrong shortly there after was scoping out the Manga section at Books-A-Million and what was in the Adult Manga section just under the Akira manga Volumes MPD Psycho. Sadly it was only Volume 1 but I picked it up and read it that night and was blown away.

This is a very very dark psychological thriller, the main character is a homicide investigator/Profiler going after a very bizarre serial killer, things happen and he ends up in jail though he gets and begins his second stent with the police force.

From the picture above I am sure you can tell this isn’t for the weak/meek of heart when I say things are bizzare they truly are. I sadly have to stop the review of the manga here because I am having trouble getting the rest of this series. It is put out through Dark Horse and there website is out of curtain volumes of the manga and amazon proves that they really should try to regulate price gouging but that is a gripe for another day.

The writer of MPD Psycho, Eiji Ōtsukan also writes The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service another great manga he has also worked along side illustrator Sho-u Tajima on Madara a manga that has never been brought over to the states. The connection between these two is evident with the work done in MPD Psycho.

I will try my hardest to do more on this manga as it becomes available to me, and no I will not torrent this unless it becomes unavailable here in the states because this is a work that should be bought and supported so we get more awesome like this here in the states. So go and check out MPD Psycho its well worth the read folks. *Big Bear roars in vigorous support and crawls back in to his cave until next time*

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