One Parent Household

Yeah the title to this is a little off setting for what I normally try to talk about on here but I spoke with a friend early this morning and they brought up the fact they were very upset there child’s father wouldn’t involved in there life as much as she would have liked or wanted. I didn’t take offense but he brought up a point of my life that I never took as a issue, for lack of a better word, the fact I was raised in a one parent house hold.

My mother raised me with out a father figure around, and I don’t feel it hurt me at all if anything it showed me just how strong my mother was, giving me a goal to strive for as I matured. Am I saying I wouldn’t have liked my dad around no not at all but to me even now at 26 years old I don’t the desire or need to know whom my father was. It’s kind of an example of “I can’t miss something I’ve never had” that may seem harsh or bleak but its the truth, I never had a dad but I did have a Mom who bandage my scrapped knees, taught me to me about women, how to fight, and gave me strength when my first deployment on active duty came around and that first mortar round landing so close I felt the heat rocks it kicked, not the person who was never there.

I have only been rambling on about this to say Mom’s out there don’t worry if the dad isn’t there a lot, or not at all, because Mr.Mom has a whole new meaning in today’s society, embrace your strength and love unconditionally that is what makes a parent, Mother or Father.


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