Online Writing Group(OWG)

yeah well I finally did it, joined an online writing group. This is a rather large step for me because any of the work that I have done so far has not been read by any one other than those I have close to me to help do copy editing and such. I am so fucking nervous it ain’t even funny, I probably will try to get some short stories to put up first then my NaNoWriMo piece from last year that is 70K and has me stuck.

The peep who got it into this OWG are from twitter some awesome folks indeed:@crosbywrites @krista_walsh @tjameswriter @shaydenfl. Definitely check this guys out I am sure there works put any tidbits I will put up here later on to shame. This are probably the first people I have met on twitter or other wise that I can talk writing, and craft and all that with. They are very fun to talk to, and rather vulgar and raunchy sometimes but who doesn’t like talking about Women Cock vs Lady Wood I mean seriously which do you prefer but I digress I am happy to have met these guys and will be even more happy when I can contribute more to the group than just tweet though my work is far from ready to be put up there with them I will do my best to give some insightful and worthwhile critiques when my time to do so comes.

Well I am out of here I think 4 Blog posts in the manor of a few hours or so is a bit much for me so until the next time *The hind end of a very large bear slips into his cave and the sounds of…Metallica waft out along the breeze*


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