Paul Hoffman: The Left Hand of God

I haven’t done a book review in a while so I felt it was necessary to talk about a couple of books that I picked up on a whim, those being by author Paul Hoffman. The books I am going to talk about are the Left hand of god, and the last four things the first two installments of a trilogy he is writing.

I simple saw the cover, red the back and said “hmmm I think I will check these out” well one amazon shipment later I was eye balls and imagination deep into this dark fantasy world of conquering armies, warrior monks, innocent blood thirsty yet ignorant children, were the slightest miss step could mean horrible repercussion for the transgressor and I couldn’t put it down and am now finished with both books and eagerly awaiting the third.

The key to these two books being so good are a few things 1) the creative liberties Paul Hoffman took with common place things to us: common religious ideas, and lore, along with places well known to us. 2) The compelling and intriguing factions through out the story and 3) the Combat.

The first he altered christian, jewish, and catholic beliefs into one of his main factions known as the Redeemers. second the places that is simple enough the capital city is known as Memphis lol there are numerous bits and pieces to note but I will just say read the book people gosh.

Now on to the thing that stood to me that is the combat in these two books the combat is so methodical, strategic, that is seems utterly real and plausible. nothing done in the numerous and large battles or fights is outrages. There well thought out and enjoyable to read, and did i mention there is no magic, none what so ever no dragon ball z like ability, no Shonen power creep, just go ol’fashioned brain power and sword play

The Story is about the redeemers and 3 of there acolytes whom run away and the life and death adventures that ensue from this escape, also there attempts at a normal life, love, and freedom. yet all things must come to an end and all thing follow a path and will sooner or later come full circle a lesson these acolytes learn the hard way especially for the main character Thomas Cale.

That is all I will say on these fabulous piece of literature other than Go get these books people there awesome in more way than one. This is big dear checking out once more *roars with literary satisfaction*

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