[REC] 2

 Those who know me will tell you there are about three things I am known for being obsessed with 1) Anime, 2) Horror Movies, and 3) The Zombie Apocalypse. So When a friend of mine Crissaegram, told me a movie I love known as Quarantine was not the original I gobble up the chance to put [REC] in my Netflix DVD queue…and it was good, I will do a post about it at some point but the future is not what were here for(I know, I know I am doing this review all wrong or at least out of order but hey if I watched the sequel then the first must be good so go watch it alright jeez.)

The story of the two films flow like this [REC] some sort of outbreak occurs in an in closed area and some poor poor people get fucked up, oh yes indeed. Now [REC]2 is completely dependent on the events of the first movie(or at least how it ended) as the base line pulse of the movie but if your coming into this with [REC]2 you will feel like your missing something but whats missing wont ruin this movies experience.

[REC]2 is brought to you by the same directors from [REC] Jaume balaguero, and Paco Plaza They don’t just continue the story they effortlessly it would seem blend events and scenes from the first in with the second and visa versa. I watched this with my family and at the same point we all were like “wait a minute” and within then ext few moments we all were like “oh yeah, ok…cool” and the fact that such responses came from all of us I feel the Directors wanted that. The movies is very reminiscent of the 2009 film Trick or Treat that boast several independent stories that mess together like a quilt to form a lovely tapestry of entertainment [REC]2 give you that in a fast paced gory horror flick.

The make-up and special effects are top notch the Zombie’s(if you can call them that) are wonderfully done and rather creepy, George Romero would be proud. I am sorry if you feel I haven’t gone to indepth about the plot I am sorry because one thing that cant be fixed is almost all Zombie movies are the same in most ways the things that set them apart are the way those tried and true things are done and [REC]2 give you a feast for the imagination, so go check it out. Any questions or if you want in depth info about the movie itself then hit me up one Twitter thanks for reading and GO SEE THIS MOVIE.

By BigBear85 Posted in Movies

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