Red Riding Hood

Sigh, I sat down and watched this bundle of joy and I have to say it was pretty much a waste of time. The only performances that were memorable was Gary Oldman as Solomon. hold the phone I am getting a head of myself.

The movie is a twisting and turning tale based off the child hood story of Little Red Riding Hood. interestingly enough the movie sports some rather interesting concepts from the original fairy tale. Some of these things were the wood cutter he saves Little Red in the original but in this the wood cutter is personified as a trade, a job for the men of the village to do. Another thing from the story is the big eyes, big ears, big teeth comments those were used as a nightmare little red has. The only other I picked up on was the rocks in the wolfs stomach which was how in a version of the story the wolf was foiled from getting red, this was used in the very last parts of the movie do to some circumstances that come about do to the resolution of conflicts. Now those are the only things i know directly came from the original tale(other than the red cloak of course). The movie other than these things is a teen love drama with very crappy effects make up for the victims of the wolf. Also the wolf itself it CG and it’s very noticeable CG I mean the twilight movie werewolf CG was better in my opinion. One saving grace for the wolf was its design was pretty gnarly. a jet black wolf with shaggy fur and golden eyes cliche yes, but still cool.

I am not going to go into detail about the plot because its like 90210  with a wolf, but Gary Oldman played a very convincing holy man monster hunter who would do anything to kill the fowl unholy creatures but he gives him self some very “Fabulous” silver finger nails on his middle two fingers as a weapon against the werewolves though this is made up for with the awesome silver sword he wields. Another things the movies does well is keep you guessing but they don’t by convincing plot twists and such they simply bombard you with blatant imagery to fore the idea that the wolf is this person or maybe it could be this person, it was pretty well done and interesting the first time but then 5 or 6 characters later you just like come on already.

To finish this up, The movie had some good parts and the sets and imagery used to convey the village was done pretty well though there was some environment continuity issues at some points when characters travels here or there outside thew village but nothing major. The fact of the matter is this movie is simply drug down by the unrealistic and simply outlandish love triangle(s) that the plot encircles and the plot twists feed on. Fellas if you got a lady friend you want to treat to a good movie let her have her way and watch this one there is lackluster semi lesbian scene for your boyish desires, but the actions scenes were not well choreographed and were few far in between, so if you ain’t taking a lady on a date to see this don’t watch it…seriously I mean it don’t this one ain’t for you fellas take my word on that one

By BigBear85 Posted in Movies

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