Today I am gonna take a shot at a book review and a little bit of a overview of author Philippa Ballantine. If you wanna know more then hit up her site,well here we go. My review of Philippa Ballantine and her novel Spectyr

I gush about alot of things Anime, my pets, my family, movies, books etc. Though not very often have I read a book that starts with a actioned packed gut punch to the reader that escalates like a run away train downhill from then on until I read Spectyr by Philippa Ballantine. I have listened to her podcast novels Weather Child, Weaver’s Web, Chasing the Bard, Digital Magic and read Geist(the first in the series ‘Books of the Order’) , and am half way through her co-written Novel with Tee Morris Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences: Phoenix Rising, but dare I say Spectyr was the best hands down so far. I enjoyed all her works of fiction but I have to save anything before Geist and Spectyr was just a warm up, allowing her to stretch her imaginations legs before she began the race with Geist. Without having to introduce to many new characters in Spectyr she has been allowed to hit her stride and boy did she take off and pounce on the story she had within her to tell, and rip it free seemingly with no effort at all.

The story takes place mere months after the finale of events in Geist. The physical wounds have healed but festering just below the surface of our heroes are the emotional wounds from love having been lost, separated, and forgotten. The scars from betrayal also mar there psyche. Though as we all know there is no rest for or from the wicked and the path to hell is paved in good intentions, not long into Spectyr are we tossed in the middle of mysteries and intrigue from all walks of life, from ones family, religion, and the order that some have sworn to protect and fight for. Through all this there is passion and love fighting to reach the surface and Philippa Ballantine delivers there without fail giving us a taste of her ‘Erotica a la cart’. These scenes are not just hot and steamy but passionate and deep, reaching to us all on some level. She can turn the same passion between lovers into the desire to reunite with and protect family no matter how misguided it can be.

All in all as an Author she grown beyond anything we could have suspected or believed, upon first listening to her humble begins. There is no stopping this growth in craft or voice from Philippa Ballantine and I for one and eagerly awaiting cogs and corsets and of course Wraith, and you should be too so go download those podcast novels, or buy the paperbacks if you can find them, but most definitely buy Geist, Spectyr, and anything else you find with the name Philippa Ballantine on it because she is someone special in today’s literature and you will be hearing her name alot more in the years to come, trust me.

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