Taking Time: Dream House, Writing, and Zombie Diaries

I completed a short story a week or so ago. I have plans for a few more along with a novel kinda stole the idea from some far better writers than me, who have created a fabulous world and through there friends and associates have created a collection of shorts to further the world they created. Seeing as I don’t any friends about that write, nor do I have the clout to ask for such favors at this time, I decided  to write them myself. Though I have paused, pausing has allowed me to clear my head and clear away the rush of working on the story.

Now at 6 am I am going to begin the process of cleaning up this finished short, I have gotten marvelous replies from the OWG and can’t wait to attempt more of these shorts. I thought about doing NaNoWriMo this year, but I decided I have to many ideas about this current novel project that I need to flesh out in the shorts, before I can sit down and write it with out second guessing or change from this to that because something new has sprung up into my mind.

Well this is yet another short post, thought I will say I took the time to check out some movies  dream house is one, and I revisited with a movie call the zombie diaries because the sequel has come out on DVD and is in my Netflix queue. Zombie diaries 1 isn’t to focused on the zombies it tells a sandwiched story, that is pieced together from end to beginning. The survivors all coming into contact with a set of guys who do some rather unthinkable things during the zombie apocalypse depicted within. Which goes back to my reasoning that during the coming Z Day the human factor is far more dangerous than the walking dead a shambling corpse can’t think, or show cruelty, or be masochistic they simple are, humans however can be all these things and more. so please keep a look out not only for the hordes of flesh eating corpses, also your fucked up emo baby neighbor he just might want to tie you to a tree and hear you scream while being feasted on by those walking corpses.

Dream house was rather predictable, ok not rather predictable but very predictable. The plot was a supernatural version of secret window with a murder mystery thrown in for a few twists, now I will say this the little bits and pieces of the story, the little touches here and there made the movie very good but plot wise left much to be desired in the form of keeping the viewer  guessing. All in all I gotta say dream house is not worth watching at the theater nothing about the effects of the movie fill that roll of a must see in theaters type film. With that said a dvd release of this film is a very adequate purchase, I don’t feel the blu-ray would be worth it what so ever.

Daniel Craig and his fellow actors give very good performances which helps distract the viewer from the obvious plot unfolding in front of them in a very methodical, logical, and predictable way. Well now it is time for Big Bear to sign off with a movie review done and writing to do my plate is getting a bit heavy so until next time *roars contentedly and slips back in to his cave*(so it turned out not to be so damn short so sue me)

By BigBear85 Posted in Movies

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