One could say I give gleaming shiny reviews on this blog ,and that would be partially right. I have given very positive reviews of all the things I have reviewed thus far here at Big Bear’s Den, that’s because I have just started out and have chosen not to write about any of the things I do not like. A lot of people especially my age, can only rage, rant, and rave about things we don’t like. That is not a review, that is not what I want to condone here. A positive outlook of a book that list things done well by the author and is not just “your book is great” is a good review(see my review of Philippa Ballantine and Spectyr) and a negative outlook on a book that lists what is done wrong or needs improvement on the authors part is also a good review albeit does feel as nice. With that said I would like to do a review of a very heated topic, that topic being author Stephenie Meyer and her home run smash hit out of the galaxy ‘Twilight Series’ oh shit I’ve done it now.

I would like to say first off an foremost “I did not like the Twilight SERIES” that’s right I read the whole thing unlike alot of those people out there that spit venom about these books that haven’t read the whole damn thing(they here sparkly vampires and head for the hills). I first heard about these books while I was in Fort Erwin California training for my coming deployment to Afghanistan later that year in 2008. I was told it’s an awesome series about vampires and there enemies a tribe of Native American werewolves. Needless to say I went to the Post Exchange(PX) that very day, when my shift in the Dinning Facility(DFAC) was over(I was a cook not a KP). I found the paperback there, bought it and read over half of the book before my time in Cali was over.

The story opens in Book 1: Twilight with the main character Bella having to move away from her home in the son to a dreary little torn out west in Washington state. This is were I came across my first spot of intrigue and by the end of the book was let down. This character is from a broken home, this being a YA title there are so many young/teen readers that came from just such circumstances(this reviewer included). The confusion, misplaced anger, and loneliness that can arise from such thing was completely and utterly lost in my opinion. Some would say the characters blah attitude and her almost immediate infatuations are metaphors to the things I listed above, and to them I say when you have to explain a joke is the joke still funny, no it not. If you cannot convey what you are trying to express, or say in your writing then its not there, that is why the book flat-lined, for me.

The book kinda got a pulse again as the book culminated and what looked to be a vampire on vampire battle, but through some convention of writing there was nothing, not single punch thrown, the movie added a bit of visuals to this with some creative camera work but the fight scene it self was absent from the book and film. I was let down to say the least this book, came with the whined up and dropped the pitch, one of the reasons boys do not see eye to eye with there sparkly vampire loving girlfriends is because unlike other romanticized vampires there was no fighting. I will be the first to admit to keep a guys attention you only need 1 of  3 things, 1) Sexy Tech(cars, computers, gun, ETC), 2)Sex(beautiful women, nudity, etc testosterone adores it), and last but not least 3) Violence, if you boasting one of the most publicized rivalries of all time in books, movies, video games, television, hell in history then you got to have focus in and give us white knuckled slashing claws, gnashing fangs, blood sucking, and unwanted transformations. yeah I am talking some very cliche things when it comes to vampires and werewolves, and some would say that she tried to do something different and unique but when you try to go against the norm you have to replace those norms/cliches whatever you want to call them, with something. In this book there was nothing or not enough of something to make a good book. I do admit to start with the characters held such great potential, because how often do you see a coven of vampires that live like a family, how often do you see a take Native American folklore adapted in such away, not very often.

To finish up I am not going to talk about the series, I am going to talk about Stephenie Meyer herself she poured her heart and soul into these books and it paid off for like no one has seen since R.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. Through all this talk no one has said hey she wrote another book called Host, and I personally feel very sad for this book because it had to come after the galactic force know as ‘Twilight’ even I have to say I haven’t read this book, but I will now that I have done this review or started this review I suppose, and give it a chance.

Thanks for reading and if I have upset any of her fans or turned off anyone from reading me I am sorry but I tried to be as professional as I possibly could and give valid reasoning for my feelings on the things I have covered today. I will in the future try to review Scott Siglers GFL Series, after the September release from Dark Over Lord of the ALL-PRO, Also as soon as I can get my hands on a copy I will review Legacy of Morevi, book 1 of the Arathellean Wars + Morevi: The chronicles of Rafe and Askana. Also I will try my hand at a review of I Should Be Writing Podcast for wanna be fiction writers by Mur Lafferty along with her novel ‘Playing for Keeps’ and her fabulous Novella’s ‘The Heaven Series’. Yeah there is a massive list of things I am reading, have read or need to read. I am gonna have to update my Goodreads profile, that will be a monumental task, Oye.

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