World of the Dead: Zombie Diaries 2

O-K! I will start off and tell you now even before you read this review DON’T WATCH THIS MOVIE! It’s not worth the money of a purchase, its not worth the postal services time in having it sent by NetFlix DVD, nore if it ever comes to Netflix Streaming is it worth the time it would take load it up on your preferred Netflix Streaming medium. Now that I got that out of the way here we go World of the Dead: Zombie Diaries 2.

I am, a huge believer in the impending zombie apocalypse, that being said I feel curtain Zombie films and books should be used to help further ones chances at survival. This films and books include but are not limited to Night of the Living Dead, The Zombie Survival guide, World War Z, The Walking Dead, Automaton Transfusion, Zombieland, and the rage zombie duo of 28Days/28Weeks Later.

Before watching Zombie Diaries 2 I may have placed the first zombie diaries on there as a testament to the human factor, and how it can disrupt survival, but not now. This movie focuses on the survival of a small band of military personnel and the lone female survivor of the original film. So I am sure your thinking whats wrong with this its the typical set up of any zombie film really. Well yes you are correct but I will point out some key things about that description that speaks volumes about how the survivors will attempt to survive 1) Military Personnel 2) Group 3) lone survivor. how does this effect there way of suviving you ask I will tell you. Any gun nut knows that a small cohesive group can effectively cover sectors of fire, and blind spots of the group while on the move or hold up somewhere. Now where do it say when you put a small cohesive military-esk group against a zombie infestation that they should use bounding over watch tactical maneuvers when traversing terrain to avoid or protect against zombies? Being that I was in an Active Duty Paratrooper Unit the 1st of the 501st Airborne Infantry Regiment for six years and during that time deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan I have some experience in running such drills and maneuvers. For those of you who do not have that knowledge a bounding over watch is a leap from like maneuver where a squad or group brake into equal parts and move set amounts of distant alternating so there is always a rear guard so to speak to watch over moving units. That said we are talking about some fucking shambling along, unarmed walking corpses not storming the fucking beaches of Normandy, these scenes in movie were long drawn out piece of crap and the first part was during there tactical movements there was no god damned zombies anywhere then once the movements were completely the fucking zombies pop out of nowhere and try to chow down.

Now as a group there is a simple concept that seems to be fucking forgotten through out this whole damn movie a 360 degree perimeter. doing this on the movie is easy any call of duty modern warfare player has seen them assault and room and a guy in the back watching the read and the three in front  watches right left and front. simply right well it seems to be these military personnel know nothing of this simple assault tactic that  allows for 360 protection, mobility and a tight group. last but not least the lone survivor from the first movie is not a trained person at all but is given a weapon while the military man is in the rear and has no weapon…WHAT THE FUCK do you seriously think a trained professional is going to use a camera while a civilian gets the firearm you are out of your god damned mind if you think the answer is yes.

The things I have talked about are through out the whole movie and its infuriating because these all spell disaster yet nothing bad comes of it….NOTHING. Now the tie in to the first movie is not just the lone lady survivor but also the villains from the first movie, and here comes the biggest gripe of them all. The survivors come into contact with these villains and they have amassed a group of villains. and they decide to rip lock stock and barrel from ‘I Spit On Your Grave'(2011) if yo uhave seen it then you know the scene where they make the mentally challenge boy rape and abuse the girl well that scene verbatim(including the mentally challenged character) is put into this movie and is done poorly, and I loved ‘I Spit On Your Grave’ it was a fabulous revenge flick and i so need to watch the original.

Now onto some more tech based details. one of the major flaws of the first movie is that the quality of footage looks grainy and low budget. I mean with today technology any hillbilly with a couple hundred bucks can get a HD camera and shoot better looking footage. well Zombie Diaries 2 has about 5 minutes of spectacular looking footage shot with some obviously very high quality cameras at the very beginning and the very end of the film, everything else is the middle is the same grainy low budget looking shit that brought down the original film(and in the special features the directors and producers talk about having such a nice little budget to work with on the film PLEASE).

The only plus to this movie was the twist at the end that gave a sense of dread, and hopelessness; the boats they thought were gonna take them to safety were just dropping off people to this island that was the setting for the movie. Meaning that no where was safe and everyone was shipping off to everywhere else with no hope for a safe haven. Pretty shit deal if you ask me.

In closing I will reiterate DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE, for the love of all things good about the Zombie Apocalypse  DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE. If you couldn’t tell by the above review this movie gets not only a mauling but a triple mauling.

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2 comments on “World of the Dead: Zombie Diaries 2

  1. I honestly didn’t think it was as bad as you say, man. It delivered a few quality scares. However, I am not a trained military man such as yourself, and even I was screaming at the TV about their idotic tactics. Drove me nuts. Also the fact that the cameraman, as you mentioned, is military, yet the give the gun to the civilian. Although, if you can stomach these problems and try to sit back and just enjoy this particular Zombie Apocalypse, it’s not that bad. 28 Days Later was hailed as incredibly good and that one bored the hell out of me, and I thought 28 Weeks Later, the sequel, was absolutely straight-up stupid. Although I did enjoy both of them — I’m one of those people who tries to enjoy a movie even if it’s bad, which may lead to why I like Zombie Diaries 2. Oh, and it drove me nuts several times that these trained military members are wasting ammo and causing a huge racket with guns that will surely draw more zombies when the zombies are walking about as fast as 90-year-old with full diapers and the could easily just LIGHTLY POWER-WALK PAST THEM! Lol. Oh, and before I finish — thank you for your service.

    • Thanks for the comment, I may have to go back and watch it again with out the critiqueing eye and see if I enjoy it more. I also
      Enjoyed the 28 days and 28 weeks movies though weeks had really bad military as well the sniper seen was ungodl lol, And thank you my service it’s not a big deal but thank you

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