Writers Block

I really don’t know what to say other than I was going really well on the story I am writing and now its like the wells run dry… I don’t know what to get it going either, been reading books, and diddling around on the internet and twitter but nothing seems to be stoking the fire.

I know a lot of people say just write, and I do and erase, rewrite, erase and its an sorta endless cycle. SO i decided to blab on here a bit about it before I went to work. You all are my therapists and your free to boot…word lol.

I think I bite off more than I could chew trying to do a blog post everyday about something not just non cogent ramblings but I am still going at. speaking of this I think this may also have something to do with why I have seemingly hit a dry spot in my story, my creativity is split between trying to keep up with my goals for writing this blog, and my daily writing goals. This is probably the first time my attention, imagination, and creativity have been split on two things that are focused in writing but are two different types since I was in high school. having graduated in 2003 that was a good bit of time ago.

Well I won’t going on and on, I have to get ready for work hopefully I will get a few hundred words done on my story that will spark some forward motion in that aspect of my writing seeing as I finish this post ends one of the conundrums I was milling over(what to blog about). Well the bear is going back in to his cave for a bit talk to you all later.


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