I am happy to report I did get some writing done today, only about 1000 words but its better than the drought that has been racking my brain for the last few days. It felt good to get some writing on my story done, though I fear editing it once it done, that is nothing I have ever been good at.

In other things to do with my writing Writers Digest has some E Books up for free so go check them out one of which I am actually reading now is called Writing 101 and it has a list of rules to help writers and so far I have found it rather useful and intrigue especially the first rule which is “Drop the journal”. I do understand why they say that because writing in a journal is like talking to your self and they feel that writing a physical letter is far more beneficial to ones skill with writing that journal because a journal is more or less procrastination. This only makes me wonder about what is the authors take on Blogging is it just a digital Journal or more of a letter to the masses.

Well I am going to keep this short though I may be back once more for a review of Red Riding Hood which just came in from NetFlix, and I am about to sit down and watch it…sigh I hope its not a twilight wanna be take on a classic children’s tale, but Leonardo DiCaprio had his hands in on the making of Red Riding Hood and his last few movies have been very good very good indeed a far cry from his first role in Critters 3(oh yeah if you don’t know now ya know bitches)

So keep and I eye out for a up and coming review of that movie and if you haven’t please subscribe via the email feed burner submission because not only does it make finding out if I had new content out but also lets me know who is out there reading and what I should try to get out there for you guys well thanks a lot and on to my NetFlix.


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