Xam’d: Lost Memories

In my never ending quest for finding things to watch on Netflix, or to purchase with my extra cash when I have it. I came across an anime on streaming called Xam’d: Lost Memories, and ignored it. Yeah I added to my insta queue but I just piled it on with the millions of other things I have to watch. Some time went by and me and the better half decided to check it out.

This show is a 26 episode show that is scifi alternate earth mecha show. This is one of the first mecha shows I have watched that combines the bio-mech(I like my new fangled word), ya know the evangelion style mecha with more traditional mecha suits utilized in the shows military forces. The bases for this show is rather complex in a very confusing way being almost done with the show I still don’t know what a Xam’d really is(reminds me of Raxephon). The plot is this guy gets infected in terrorist attack becomes Xam’d and has to leave home, trouble then ensues. I say this plot is confusing because of all the sub-plotting that is going on mixed with character back story but its not all of the characters just one of the heroines in the show. A very enigmatic cast of characters are introduced and summarily ignored, very annoying and a huge fault of the shows.

One of the stand out factors of the this show though is the non mecha technology. The thing that I like the most were the fighter craft pictured above and the airships also above. These craft use some sort of propulsion system that is not explain out right. The fighters are piloted like regular craft except they ascend in one motion from from shot of the propellent . The airships how ever are piloted like submarines(two helmsmen) and move just as verbosely though they show some speed when going straight forward.

Another issue with this show is the pacing, man are there episodes with noting going on but talking, jeez. Now when there is action it is pretty damn good, the first couple episodes boast some of the best with a special Xam’d fight an enemy called the human form weapons and its pretty damn good very good fluid animation very similar to the naruto fight animation.

I feel if you don’t mind a lot of talking and sub-plotting, along with a few gems scattered about to try and keep you into the show then this is right up your alley. Though I can not indorse buy this show Netflix is the way to go on this one. The show isn’t horrible just average more or less. Well Big Bear is out of here go watch some anime or a horror movie or something, hey read a book but get out of my cave.

By BigBear85 Posted in Anime

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