Zombie Apocalypse: Predictions, Precautions, and Preparation

Well ladies and gents the bear is back after a bit of a break(again) I am here to talk about something that is near and dear to my paranoid otaku heart and never to far from my brain case. What is that you ask well read the damn title of course, The Zombie Apocalypse. Yes you heard me right I am here to help you understand, prepare and not make silly novice mistakes that will get your brain munched on by your next door neighbor.

The first thing I am going to talk about is how I personally feel the Zday will come about and it is rather simply. Out vain, and prideful desire as human beings to live longer, and stay young. This desire allow has given birth to so many cosmetic treatments, medicines, operations and vaccines, that what do you think will happen when one of these goes wrong or mixes with the wrong thing?

I was a cook in the army and we had to take a class called serve safe and this class is just about how to prevent food born illnesses and properly take care food from start to cooked finished product. One thing I learned about was Botulism. a very deadly bacteria that can be cause by a vast number of things done wrong in the preparation of food. Well some of you who aren’t cooks may know of Botulism bacteria under another name Botox. Yeah you heard me right there are older women injecting the botulism bacteria into the face to get ride of wrinkles. Sounds crazy huh well what happens if that bacteria mutated or evolved? Zombie that’s what. I could go on and on about possible how’s and why but I feel this is a great example of just how ridiculously fare some people will go just to look a few years younger.

Now preparation comes in a few forms will will talk about personal defense, of the shit you will use to fuck up some brain eating douche bag from around your neighbor hood. Your armaments should include but are not restricted to: Long range weapon, Short Range, and close quarters. This is not mainly for zombies but the dumb ass survivors out there thinking they can pick up a rifle and tackle the undead menace. long range should be some sort of bow, or assault rifle, my personal choice is the Bushmaster ACR enhanced multi caliber rifle. It being able to use 6.8mm or 2.23mm nato rounds. why does it mater you as well the smaller round can head shot a zombie no problem medium to short range but is less accurate the farther out you wish to shot. Thus the larger round go farther and is more accurate farther out. This also has a practical use against those unreasonable human survivors who wish to loot your hideaway. The large rounds will drop a human even if its not a fatal shot. Now for short ,its a no brainer a shotgun(not double barrel not enough shot to difficult to load on the run) but a good short barrel pump action with plug removed and magazine extended or changed out all together you can shot with minimal concentration on aiming because of the shot  spread can hit multiple target and preform some great crowd control on small to medium groups of zombie to fend off an attempt to overwhelm your defenses. now for short range a good knife/machete and or a side arm pistol I have for this  kabar knife, and a khulu machete along with the Ruger SR9mm pistol with glow in the dark sites. and these are all rather self explanatory the pistol is last resort for zombies and human alike for the inaccuracy at great distances and lack of knock back power of such a small round but you can carry alot of the ammunition with out much weight impact, and the knives well there knives, and the machete for any off the grid traveling you will be doing because urban areas are the choke points for zombies rural areas will have a less likely chance to run into the undead.

Now that your armed the precautions you must realize is don’t go looking for shit when the outbreak happens hunker down and wait. the chaos of the initial 24 hours is a worse killer than the undead menace. once things settle gather your protective gear and check your home for any supplies you will need. if there is a need to go out for food or whatever try small mom and pop places stay away from high traffic places cause the undead to living ration will not be in your favor and that is fatal. Now alot of people feel boarding up your house and sitting there til uncle same gets his act together is the best plan…wrong. this is no hurricane this is a enemy who never quits and doesn’t feel pain a little wood on the windows will do nothing but be the early warning system to your demise. if you are going to barricade your home make sure to have the proper nails and wood to prevent it from being pushed free due to the hast of your fortifications. Remember be quiet noise is a killer don’t fire your gun at every zombie avoidance and stealth are key. fighting is only as a defensive strategy to make a way for your escape. Do not be Rambo on the hunt for some undead kills, fate is a fickle mistress and favors the undead. attacking the undead take much planning and large well trained forces. now these precautions have been taken your are ready to hold up and survive remember common sense is a must during this time.


Below will be some Zombie films that will help you get your self mentally ready for the approaching Zday.

1)Night of the Living Dead

2)28 Days Later

3)Automaton Transfusion

4) Mutants

These four films should get you a basis for what to do and how to do it but remember Victory Favors the Prepared so start now no telling when the brains will hit the fan.

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2 comments on “Zombie Apocalypse: Predictions, Precautions, and Preparation

  1. what precautions should europeans take? the law isn’t that happy about us owning weapons… the only thing i can defend myself with is a baseball bat

    • well you can take your home and surroundings into consideration. fortifications and defensible positions can make up for the lack of firearms. Though firearms are both good and bad noise can attract the undead and ammo runs out a baseball does not, even if it breaks it can be used to stab, or bludgeon. Also firearms should be a last resort cunning and planning are still best.

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