AFO In Review: Day 2

We have now moved into the most populated, and crazy day of the con Saturday. So Much was going on and I was running around to so many panels and what not that I don’t have many pictures from Saturday but I do have a lot of panels to run through.

First and fore unlike most people I was up and at’em early Saturday morning for the 9 am Start Your Own Anime Podcast Panel. I will be honest I wouldn’t have missed this panel for anything on this earth, I tell you this because You have SBR Ryu from the GunDAMN! anime podcast, Chiaki and Mitsugi from AAA podcast, Daryl, Gerold, and Clarissa from the AWO(Anime World Order) podcast, and the SSAA(ass backward) anime podcast crew. This last podcast I hadn’t ever heard of before because I felt my search for anime podcast was over once I found AWO, AAA, and GunDAMN!, but hey never close your self off to new things and since the con I haven’t been able to get around to listening to them but I am going to and will definitely review them at some point(more than likely when I cam finish there backlog and catch up, that goes for all of these podcast oye).

This panel was scheduled against the Saturday morning cartoons panel, which in my opinion was a common occurrence, Podcaster panels either being lined up against things that drew huge crowds for the wrong reasons(in my opinion) or against one anothers panels examples Traveling to Japan panel up against Jason David Franks karate panel, Gambling anime and manga panel, The Awesome Fights in Asian Cinema against Science Fiction Anime, The JRPG Panel against Devil May Cry Reboot and Devil May Cry Panel with voice actors in tow. Also The Mecha Modeling 101 Panel against the Panel of DOOM!. This to me seemed like something that was very deliberate, also the Gambling anime and manga panel kicked off the 18+ time slot even though it was not 18+, all this taking into account I feel is the reason these panels didn’t get as much love as they should. I know that man of these got good turn out but could have gotten better turn outs if in bigger rooms and bit better scheduling, if you still have your Con schedules then you will see there are so many grey spots of empty time in every panel rooms column that these changes could have been done. Anyway I have rambled on enough I should be happy that people cam out at all but yeah anyway

The Start your own anime podcast panel was very good more open forum than the other panels but the hosts were all of course very knowledgeable. They displayed there knowledge with well formed and opinionated answers to the questions from the Host. I am not going to go into to much detail because I have some video from this panel that I have to edit and get up on here for you all. To sum up if you didn’t your pool Party hung over asses up and check out this panel or if you skipped it for Saturday morning cartoons that were for the most part not even Japanese cartoons then you should probably just fucking hang your self and stop talking about or watching anime.

Short side note after this I went out and ate breakfast with SBR Ryu and his wife, Doc Anime was there as well and it was a very good time. Now onto my next panel which was Traveling to Japan by AAA podcast crew. This panel was very well done and put together it was obvious Chiaki had a lot of time and chances to perfect this panel, also it is easy to see she had been to Japan multiple times. I had never been to a con before so this was my first time at seeing a rather in depth look at traveling to Japan and I learned a lot. This was one of my favorite panels, sigh why lie all the podcaster panels were my favorite and if you think I am bias because I listen to them, I say again if you had of gone you would have seen that these guys prepared there panels and executed with flawlessly though there were some tech difficulties but hey that happened a lot all over the con in many panels so you can just ignore that for the most part.

The next panel I went to as you can see was the EyeShield 21 panel, a shonen sports show about football you heard me right football, AMERICAN Football. This panel was done by Sean Forster this was not the most technically sound panel nor was he the most eloquent speaker. However this was his first panel at a con and the concepts he wanted to try and convey did come across, and he even went far enough to show real life comparisons of things covered in the show. He did a very good job at explaining the types of shonen sports show characters that you will find in the genre, and how the abilities and skills are conveyed along with exaggerations taken to make the show more enjoyable. All in all this was a very informative panel even though he didn’t go along wit his own panel break down. I attribute this to lack of confidence and fans of the show ruining his set up by blabbing out but that is to be expected when you have hard core fans of the show amongst your audience. If Sean does another Eyeshield 21 panel at future AFO’s or other cons I go to then I will definitely go this panel was good but the ceiling for it is no were insight.

I had later on the Awesome Fight in Asian Cinema , Science Fiction Anime, and JRPG Panels all hosted by the Anime World Order panel except for the Scifi anime panel which Gerold was a co-host along side Jaun Sanmiguel and older anime fan with a rather vast pool of anime knowledge. I listen these all together because they are rather straight forward in there subject matter, common panel hosts, and there one right after another. These were all put together well and ran seamlessly. Sadly the Fights in Asian Cinema and SciFi Anime panel were up against one another and I missed the beginning of the Scifi anime panel.

After a rather large period of time with a good bit of panels I only peeked into or avoided all together came the last two panels for me the Mecha Modeling 101 panel and the Panel of DOOM!. Sadly they were put against one another and on top of that I was almost late do to some FUCKING ASSHOLE passing out for some damn reason at the rave causing the staff to block the hall way until paramedics cam and picked up this loser, and just to let you know I don’t know there condition or if it was serious but if you put yourself in that position you should deal with the consequences and not cause problems for everyone else…douche bag. but any way after i walked outside through the fucking heat and made my way to the panel Mecha panel I was rewarded with great info on the types of models, and how they were rated though there were people in the audience who definitely shouldn’t have been in a 101 panel but you have to deal with these type of fans when talking about Mecha I mean there the most intense fandom around period. now after this along with Gerold and Clarissa the hosts of Mecha 101 headed to the infamous Panel of DOOM!. All i can say about this panel is it is a 2 hour panel of hilarious random clips from all forms of entertainment and should not be missed if you have ever scene anime hell then you have a idea about what this panel is all about and having missed 30 minutes i still felt i was well rewarded for coming, so to all you ravers out there I hope you choke and die on the E pill your trying to swallow so they get rid of that bullshit and have more fucking panels like those i have talked about in this review.

Coming up next will be AFO In Review: Day 3 + the Dealers room round up. This will be the shortest Review of all. After this last review I will begin my Artist Alley Way Reviews of those I talked to and liked there artwork then after those it will be time to move on from cons and onto something I have promised for along while my Tee Morris Bio and Billibub baddings review so get ready see you all later…oh and FUCK YOU RAVERS!!!!!!

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