AFO In Review: Day 3

Alright this is the last day of AFO In Review and tagging along will be my summary of the dealers room. This will be a very short review because I only went to one panel, by this point of the con I was exhausted I hadn’t been sleeping much since the I hung out the first night, and wrote reviews the next two nights, all which didn’t get me in bed until 4am or later and I was back up before 9 because of early morning panels.

Well what did you do you ask? Well I went to the Anime You Should Watch panel, I enjoyed it very much the complete list of what was shown can be found at the AWO website which I have listed on the blog. Oh and for the AAA podcast panels they are also broken down on there site. This panel was again well done the host Daryl Surat obviously has used it many times and come to grips with its quirks and issues. To sum up my opinion of this Con if you have a chance to see any of the podcaster led panels go to them. Panels I wanted to go to but couldn’t do to either other panels, sleep, or time crunches, there was the Konoha Corner panel(a podcaster panel), The Fairytale panel(another podcaster panel). To make up for this I will be checking out there podcast and reviewing it in the future, but since I keep writing review checks for my ass to cash I have a full plate and can’t even tell you when I will be able to get to it. Also slowing down my podcast reviews is the fact I am running out of HD space, but a external is coming so yeah.

Also on Sunday, I spent time getting the autographs I needed to finish up my con guide pictured above and Reuben Langdon was the last of those. If you notice yes Wendee Lee(who proclaimed me no longer a con virgin) and Christina Vee both laid some love down in there for me(no I did not ask which makes it even more fucking awesome). Speaking of Miss Christina Vee she is totally smoking nerdy lil geek girl and if you weren’t there for he flash back to high school drum line with some awesome technical drumming skills then you missed out it was awesome and I am pretty sure every band geek nerd in the room got a semi. well enough of my band geek gushing on to the dealers room.

The dealers room at AFO was rather a let down. there were only 2 booths that were worth your time, the first was the Anime Pavilion booth. this was the only major manga both there and the deals they offered werent to great but they had a huge huge selections to choose from also they had a decent selection of anime on Blu-Ray and DVD. This booth was pretty straight forward but I actually didn’t buy anything from them I bought my few items from the 2nd booth worth talking about the Discotek Media booth, which had a good sized selection of stuff but the best part was the variety, I bought Sea Prince and the Fire Child, Megazone 23, and Galaxy Express 999 all from there. 999 and Sea Prince were 15 a piece and no there isn’t deal per say for this price but animation quality, nostalgia(for 999 anyway) the prices were good. Sea Prince is a great example of how anime was influenced by early Disney cartoons I mean the animation is right out of Bambi, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and the like. Megazone 23 was a good pick up because the animation, and mecha designs were phenomenal plus it has a decent little storyline. So there is your dealers room in a nutshell sorry but almost all the other booths were just the same run of the mill, plushy this, poster that, hug pillow here, spank sheets there.

To Finish up all in all AFO is a great starter con, I mean its no were near as big as Otakon or AWA, I will say this the rave I personally could do with out but it brings in people which is what the con needs to survive and flourish so whatever. Also I really wish the Con cracks down on fucking dumb bullshit costumes and what I mean by this is, if you and your friends wear towels and say your the old spice guys then you should probably be put to death, I mean made to go change or whatever. also if you were a yellow towel and some pikachu ears and say your cosplaying as pikachu then your death should be painful and slow. There where many more costumes that shouldn’t in my opinion be allowed I mean seriously check out some of the cosplayers I got pictures of on my Facebook there were some good costumes out there I ain’t saying go all out like that but for the love of god the fucking furries had better costumes fuck. Oh and furries if your gonna come to the con, save it for the rave or something jeez unless your the awesome cosplayer in the full Star Fox suit that was a great costume that did dwell in to the realm of furries but “I’ll allow it” sadly I didn’t get any pics of Star Fox just video that I may edit and post but go knows if or when. so yeah if you were a towel and that’s it your not cosplaying and you should die.

Well That is my review of AFO I hope you are intrigued enough to check it out next year I will be there hopefully with business cards and a years worth of blogs, and maybe even a press badge to boot but anyway I am signing off I got work tonight so keep a look out for my Artist Alley series of blogs which may or may not be a continuing deal so until next time.


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