From the mouth of babes…


Spending time with the family and friends dear to us this holiday season you are invariably to come across little ones and the little ones you come across with always have something oh so important to tell you. From how they don’t like aunt so and so’s casserole or they don’t like the home made socks gram-gram makes. All the things that can come out of the mouths of our children are miraculous and unfathomably hilarious driving home the fact they are apart of us. That they are the passing on of ideas, concepts, mannerisms, biology, and all those things we did as kids to our parents just revisited with the twist of a new generation.

My niece and nephew pictured here are prime examples of this in action, I was having a talk with my nephew Devon(not pictured) and i asked him about a girl he was interested in and faster than he could reply my niece rattled off the girl in questions full name, where she lived, how recently she has been over, and that Devon has kissed her(on the cheek). I was well…stuck by the info dump not at what it was but how freely and easily she spoke of it, and the beet red face of my nephew spoke volumes as well. It took all I had to not laugh and hold it together to explain that this is something for me and Devon to discuss, also had to explain they were brother and sister(which she answered “I know uncle Jason”) and that she isn’t supposed to snitch or tattle tale on her own brother because family has to help each other. The rest of the conversation with my nephew was continued outside just for the preservation of my nephews pride.

So keep that in mind this holiday season, be prepared for the the things from the mouths of babes it can be a bit…shocking, alarming, and down right hilarious.


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