10 Movies Kids Should See…Twice!

Yeah so on half of these movies I am going to be dating my self horribly but oh well there good shit for kids made a bear out of me dang it 😉


Pirate treasure and super sloth no better buddy movie for kids


You tell me a bunch of acid tripping teddy bears that spew rays of light out there bellies as gangsta as the carebears? that is what i thought


Disney at its finest and it teaches you the benefits of oatmeal cream pie little debbie cakes and why nerds rock


its a witch with a talking cat coming of age tale and there are air ships, flying bikes(sorta) and the artwork is amazing

Spirited away is probably Miyazaki’s finest work plus there’s dragons and food that turns you into a pig


Halloween at Christmas time Burton has done nothing finer since this is what a good film, a classic film truly looks like


A modern feast for the eyes and imagination what other movie has dragons and vikings and is for kids huh? don’t worry the Bear will wait


A super hero family movie and Sam Jackson is in it can you get any cooler?


We All had that big ass dog on the block that ate all that came near him and somethings it just inhaled and this movie shows you what happens when that dog interferes with our love of sports


Race for your life charlie brown is not my favorite but I think it has a great cover and I couldn’t find snoopy come home. The Peanuts are a classic is there ever was one and will last the test of time besides snoopy flies as the red baron on his dog house what?


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