10 Movies Men Should See…Twice!

Well here are 10 movies men should see…twice and I have seen these more times than I can count 😉 Bear tested and father approved


A Fist full of dollars Eastwood at his ass kicking, gun wielding finest and we men could learn alot from a guy who will punch a chick in the face and make a mends by ransoming her off for money then causes the utter


Expendables what can I say so much awesome in this movie you could use the blu-ray to shave with– “what’s he doing?” “looks like he is gonna hang a pirate?” “hey what are you doing?” “gonna hang a pirate…”


Best Post western era of Eastwood’s career men gotta watch but you can take the ladies to trust me they will like it and the sounds track features a song sung by Eastwood and its hauntingly awesome


If I have to tell you why this tombstone is awesome, then two things Snake Pliskin  and Batman


Some one dies and comes back with an eyepatch in machete enough said


In Faster The Rock Shoots people in the face and drives a sweet ass car + has a knife fight in a strip club with an ice pick


on the cover walking tall he is carrying a 2×4 in the movie he wields that same 2×4 any questions?


Its Indy baby young ford as a whip whipping Nazi ass kicking treasure hunter with a thing for college chicks how the hell more manly or American can you be?


Red hill is one of the best modern western I have seen in along time and nothing beats revenge by shotgun


speaking of revenge by shotgun Hobo with said shotgun is so over the top ridiculous murder death kill spree you wont know were the blood starts and ends


Crazy murderous monsters hump and kill there way through 3 movies ending with a giant robot, perverted old man and a mariachi band interested yet


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