You know having been in the military for 5+ years I have had to make some serious and life changing decision but the only victim of the fall out would and was always ME. Yet two years after my separation from the active military service I find myself at an in pass. I have to make a choice that will effect my life, and the lives of those involved in a deep and changing way, and I know not what I must do, not what direction to go. What makes this so hard is, that it holds the fate of a child in the balance whether their life will change around for the better or descend further in to the miasma that has become the young life they lead.

I have many tattoos but the biggest and the one I thought the most about is the one on my shoulders. It says “Choices”, I chose that because I wanted something to remind me and represent the twists and turns in life that we all must face. Never in my wildest moments of deep and spiritual thought did I ever think I would be faced with such a manifestation of this belief of mine. This also brought up another belief of mine that I read about in the teachings of the Taoist philosophy. This part of the teachings was called the way of water, where is says we strive to be like water and go not where we want but where the path in front of us leads and to were we are needed.

Things in life never turn out as simple or uncomplicated as we would like, this fact of life is something that becomes more and more prevalent as I grown older, wiser, and well more like my mom 🙂 the scariest part about that is how right those before us are and I just hope I can keep up with that timeless tradition.


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