The Lady Kitteh Curse

So I have come to understand the one horrible downfall of having a feline army, will I be getting rid of said feline army…no but will I be taking action to “Fix” this deficiency why yes I shall. But I am sure you are asking yourself what could be so wrong with a feline army so I shall tell you…HEAT.

I became her outlet, never have I felt so...used

The mating season of cats has come to some of the younger members of my protectorate and needless to say but they are not dealing with it well. Biting the male populous of the feline army(whom are all fixed) does little to turn there attentions from food, lounging, sleeping and more sleeping. SO she does the only thing she can wail. She wails as she walks, wails as she cleans herself, wails even when she scratches or using the litter box.

I don’t know about you and your knowledge of war tactics and such but this does not bode well for secretive, silence tactical insertion into enemy territory let me tell you.

So to finish up, please spay and nuder your pets folks because you don’t want your rise to world domination ended because one of your well trained minions sees fit to pounce upon and commit lewd acts to another of your ranks. And remember Bob Barker would be proud of you.(Fuck Drew Carey *maul*)

Lord knows what has happened to that box lid


One comment on “The Lady Kitteh Curse

  1. we ended up with my cat Raqad as a child because of a stray in heat. Living in Minnesota can get cold, so mom let in a stray female. A week later she was yowling so let her out. After 2 days, she came back more than happy to stay lol she had 7 kittens.

    Spaying and neutering if important is you don’t plan to breed. especially in a multi animal household. helps keep the peace 😉

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