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There’s no jokes, or rants for today. I know, I know your astounded and asking yourself Why? Well this is because I was privileged enough to be able to do an email based interview with one of my favorite authors Scott Sigler. He is a traditionally published author through Crown publishing. He is also self publishing his GFL(Galactic Football League) series through his very own Dark ØverLord Media, amazingly it doesn’t stop there he also publishes all his work as free serialized audiobooks through his podcast. As well as broken into ebook publishing by making all his novels available as ebook along with exclusive novellas tied into the canon of his GFL series. I am seriously biting back the fanboy here so I will end it with out further ramblings.


My Interview with author Scott Sigler…


1) Scott, you have been podcasting for quite a while now, years in fact, when did you decide or realize that Podasting would be what your Fiction, your career was based on and around?

I didn’t exactly decide podcasting would be my thing.  I did land a print deal with an imprint of AOL/TimeWarner, and EARTHCORE was supposed to be out in mass market paperback in May 2002. However, in the post-911 recession, TimeWarner scrapped everything that wasn’t profitable. My imprint wasn’t profitable yet, hence, the whole project was shut down. It took me about three years to get the rights back. By then it was 2005, I discovered podcasting, and thought it was going to be the future of novels, short stories and storytelling.

Your fiction is in many forms, Short Fiction(blood casts), Long Fiction(Nocturnal, I say this because, man that in its original form was a massive work and as you have updated your junkies on the new Nocturnal’s status you’ve said you have gone away from the expansive epic adventure it was, to a more stream line action thriller like work), Series Fiction(GFL Series), Co-Authoring(Title fight with Matt Wallace), and you now even have Mur Lafferty writing a novella for your GFL series character Yolanda Adams.

2) That being said did you openly attempt to be such a varied writer or did this just happen over the years as you wrote more and more?

 I don’t know that it was an attempt to be varied as much as it was an effort to get better.  I challenged myself with different projects:  a short story a week for a few months (BLOODCAST Sesaons 1 & 2); a “crowd-sourced” first draft (NOCTURNAL); a co-written novella with two protagonists (TITLE FIGHT).  All of these projects helped me get better as a writer by challenging me.  And it has the added benefit of lots of finished product.

3) Speaking of Mur Lafferty writing for you how did you come up with that idea and her specifically?

Mur’s a great writer.  I’d already written Pink Tornado for her universe, and we’re friends.   When Dark Øverlord was getting ready to outsource the GFL novellas, Mur was a perfect fit for writing Yolanda’s story. She knows the GFL stories and did a great job. Currently that book is only available if you pre-order THE MVP and NOCTURNAL before March 31st and send proof of purchase to


4) have you thought of any one else whom you would like to bring into your universe Tee, Pip, Rossi, Jeffery, or maybe even the Hutch?

We’ve already commissioned and received a story from Matt Wallace called THE DETECTIVE, about Frederico Esteban Giuseppe Gonzaga.  Currently the only way to get that novella at the moment is to come to one of my tour stops this year.  (Check those out at

Back to your short Fiction for a bit. These currently are The Blood Casts 1 & 2 , Blood is Red, and Bones Are White(as noted in the list of your fiction works at the beginning of the All-Pro)

5) Will you be creating new fiction for a new Bloodcast, or another anthology piece to come after Bones Are White?

We plan to release one short story collection each year, if I can keep up the pace with the writing. FIRE IS ORANGE is on-deck for Spring 2013.

You being  a Science Fiction Horror Author your love of the horror movie is well known as you blogged and podcast about it under the name “Laughing in the face of Death”

6)Will you ever go back to podcasting and writing those pieces as they were not really apart of your fiction, more like away for your readers to see what you liked outside of writing?

Those were columns written for I recorded the columns I was paid to write anyway, since many of my fans know me by my audio.  They were a lot of fun, but at the moment it’s much better for me to be writing fiction.  If they come back, it won’t be for a long while.

Last but certainly not least You are approaching a changing point in your fiction publishing your, older content has now almost all been published with Nocturnal coming up and Earthcore to follow. Your series fiction also looks to be rounding up with the 3rd book in the infected series pandemic already in the works, as well as the sequel to Ancestor, the Descendant. The sequel to Earthcore; Mt.Fitzroy and the Crypt to give the Coup de grace.
7) Have you been brain storming, or bouncing ideas off A (A Kovacs) about where you want to go with your new fiction?

We are always brainstorming. Always.  And I have a back log of ideas that’s 37 stories long.  And we’ve got Dark Øverlord planned out for at least the next eighteen months.  Short answer: yes.

As a parting note, remember NOCTURNAL hits April 3, 2012, and we’re pushing hard to make it a success.  There’s a bunch of great incentives you can learn about at  and a West Coast Tour April 2 -10, 2012.  Snag a copy and come out and say hi!


Well there you having my bit of time with our FDO(Future Dark Øverlord). I hope I did well and look forward to comments being this is my first attempt at an interview. Well Big Bear is signing out and hopefully I can get more interviews with authors for you guys and make this a regular thing here in the den. until next time

*Slips off into what he hopes his the deepest part of his den yet still the echoes of his fanboy “Øsquee” are heard quite clearly*



Project X

To finish up my silver screen double feature with Project X a movie I can only all the Hangover, Superbad, and American Pie in a steroid induced thrall of perversity, and to make it clear this is not one for the kids, hell if you a lady I don’t think it will be up your alley unless you really got a lust for boobs, pseudo lesbian imagery, and rampant drug use. with that out of the way this movie was fucking sweet.

I have to say I didn’t want to see this movie when I saw the trailers and read up on it, but as these things are sometimes to happen I was drug to it and thus was beholden to some of the funniest most over the top high jinx since Get’em to the Greek.

This movie is very simple three friends want to through a party for one of there member’s birthday. It just so happens the birthday boy’s parents are going out of town for said birthday and the trio of buddies will be home alone thus you see where this is going. Despite there low social standings in there high school the party is a success beyond all things imaginable.

I don’t really know how much i can go into with out ruining the plot and having a billion spoilers but here goes. To note there are ecstasy filled lawn ornaments, the torment of midgets in a locked oven, blow up dolls, and a bouncy house. To say this movie is ridiculous is an understate and that is to its credit.

This movie is also shot in the suddenly popular hand held Mocumentary style that has become so fashionable with Hollywood these days. The film does not suffer from unsteady camera shots or nauseating camera angles. also to its credit this movie utilizes slow motions, speedy quick cut montages to illuminate the debauchery fabulously through out this film.

So surprisingly this film is well shot from a technical standpoint albeit it will not win any Oscars nor boast writing descendant from the gods but will make you laugh, and ask yourself “what the hell just-” through out its entirety. I feel this is a movie best experienced on the big screen for what it is but would make a perfect addition to any comedy section of one’s personal film collection. So go see this before it leaves the theaters it is well worth your money which is something not many movies can say these days.


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Secret World of Arrietty

It is a well known fact that I am a huge Anime fan, so the fact that it took me so long to get down to writing this review. This most anticipated movie is as you probably guessed the new Hayao Miyazaki film Secret World of Arriety. This film is based on the novel “The Borrowers” by Mary Norton.

This film was aesthetically marvelous as all Studio Ghibli films are. The animation is never questioned when Miyazaki, Takahata, or studio Ghibli is involved. The real gem of this film is the story itself not a very happy one by any stretch of the imagination when compared to other Miyazaki films like Ponyo, Totoro, and Kiki’s Delivary Service yet nothing as intense as Takahata’s Grave of the Fireflies. In a nutshell to try and be as spoiler free as possible, the story is about a boy sent to his mothers childhood home because he is ill and will soon have surgery. One at this childhood home events unfold to take him on a journey of young love, conflict, lose, and growth.

To my friends with children or my guys with girlfriends I have recommended this movie highly because of the brilliant portrait painted of the two main characters separate family lives, the deep emotional connection and innocent relationship nurtured between them. To be a bit crass this movie will get the hunting male some secure footing for his endeavors, and the family man will have the kids attention sowed up and a fun romp for him and the Mizz.

To finish this movie was warm heart wrenching experience for me and I put this movie right along side Princess Mononoke, and Spirited Away. A must go see if at all possible and a definite Blu-ray purchase when it hits shelves. I hope you all enjoyed Big Bear’s choice of film and will heed my advice and pick up Arrietty so until next time

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John Carter of Mars

Its been a while since I did a movie review so I figured I would start off with probably the biggest movies of the year next only to the Avengers movie, John Carter of Mars. I originally had no idea what john carter was about, and to be honest had never even heard of it until a friend informed me that is was a book and a comic series. Not being able to get my hands on the source material before seeing the movie I went in with a clean unbiased view of the movie.

Overall John Carter was a good movie, great CG, and special effects, and a good story. The story in a nutshell with out spoiling anything is john carter is a cavalry man from the civil war who is tired of the blood shed and simple wants to settle down and get rich. some high jinx ensue along with some insights into Carter’s back story and he is then transported to mars and the story really kicks into high gear.

The acting was pretty good nothing horrible and nothing above and beyond the call Carter was played by Taylor Kitsch who you all may also know from that horrible film Wolverine: Origins were in he played Gambit. The co-star and second main character was played by Lynn Collins who we also know from Wolverine: Origins as Sliverfox. So the two main actors have some blemishes on there record but we can forget and forgive right? Some others you might know with smaller rolls in the cast are William Dafoe, Ciaran Hinds who played in the fantastic horror film along side Daniel Radcliffe Women in Black. Bryan Cranston of malcom in the middle fame, also Don Stark pops in as a store keeper during Carters time on earth whom you will know from That 70’s Show. This is a very eclectic group to put together yet they make this movie fun and enjoyable for the whole family even if there rolls are small in the grand scheme of things because we all love going “hey is that the guy?”.

This movie has a massive amount of special effects and CG and it is all done fantastically though i couldn’t help but draw comparisons between The aliens of this film and those of the movie Avatar, I mean you add some tusks and make them blue and they would relatively be the same creation. Do I think this parallel is a detriment,no. I mean if your going to take inspiration from a movies special effects then Avatar would be the one to do it because i looked wonderful.

All in all this movie was a fun ride I don’t have any thing truly negative to say about the film, and I definitely feel it should be seen in theaters with the whole family and there is even a loveable dog character.

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Fairy Tale Fiction

Well the Writing Challenge is over, I lost but it was to my fellow group 5’r Everything Rainbow. Looks like Group 5 is on the rebound hehe. Any way I am gonna post the story below and hopefully the PDF for anyone who wants to take with’em. Hope you enjoy guys because I had a blast writing it.

Second Chances, Just Desserts

As the sun set slowly over the horizon, Repunzel ran the comb given to her by the King’s son Jerum through her hair,awaiting his arrival. They had met one evening just like this when he, after watching for some days called out like the enchantress for her to let down her hair. When she did, my was she surprised at the young and handsome man, who begged with desperate fervor to take her away from her isolated prison home with the Enchantress.

“Repunzel, Repunzel let down your hair” came the call that broke her revere.

With out fail she did so and up came a droll-looking little man with pointed shoes, pointed ears, sharp eyes and a knife like smile.

Repunzel gasped with fear “who are you? You are not my prince”

The little man made no move towards her but looked at her and the drab room in which she lived then after some time spoke.

“Who I am is not important, what I am is not a matter either, but what I can do and do for you is a matter of the gravest”

“Do for me? Why would you come here and risk the enchantress to do something for me” Repunzel asked her curiosity over power her fear of the little man.

“I was slighted once in a game of chance, I thought rigged for my quick advance. A new leaf I have turned and life begun to save the kind for a deed in kind” he spoke with a sing song rhyme.

“Be quick miss Repunzel your prince is near yet the Enchantress is nearer, the danger in her anger must not be tested, even by likes of me” he warned and quickly glance out the window

“She knows of my prince? Woe is me, what can I do to be free and have my prince all to me?” she asked and wept softly

“Dear, dear do not fear, Drink of this and think not of it.” His small hand held out a small bottle filled with the blackest of liquids like the starless night sky brewed to a tea of pitch.

Repunzel drank it down then remembered his words “what do I owe you if this works little man?”

“Think not of it my price is a pence, now I hide and wait to see the end of this witch” and the little man scuttled away into the corner behind her shabby wardrobe.

Repunzel jumped as the call came from the enchantress below “Repunzel, Repunzel let down your hair to me” she let her hair down as always and the enchantress shimmied up. Repunzel still with fear for her prince watched her silently trying not to seem nervous.

The enchantress watched out the window for along while then turned with a snap “how are you this fine evening my dear?”

“I am fine, lonely but fine”

“Lonely but how so, I visit you everyday” the enchantresses tone was like honey, warm and sticky, to Repunzel’s senses and before she knew what she was doing she began to speak.

“I have not been truly bored or lonely, for the King’s son Jerum has come to me nightly”

“Has he now?” more honey oozed in that voice

“Yes, he is so handsome, light is his climb, barely jostling my head. Whilst yours pains my head and neck.”

The Enchantress fell in to a rage as her own powers pulled these words from Repunzel “well fine I will see how he can come to you, if you have not the tresses for his climb”

She grabbed the thickly braided golden locks of Repunzel’s hair winding them once, twice, then thrice about her hand and wrist. Lifting them high she drew out a dagger and went to hack away at the braid when the room filled with a roar like that of a savage beast. The locks unbound at the end of the braid and entangled the enchantress, who howled in surprise and agony as the locks of hair produce tooth and fang. In a flurry of blood, crunching and snapping bone ending with the hair burping in satisfaction the Enchantress was no more.

The little man jumped out from behind the wardrobe and danced a jig “see, you are free now you must be my bride or guess my name. The pence of my fee in three days I will be back to see” with that he was up and out of the window.

Repunzel for two days and two nights wept into the arms of her prince. She told him the tale and the fate of the enchantress. Upon the third day he said the choice was obvious, do to him the same that befell the enchantress. That night he left as usual but hide in the brush to wait and see. The little man came shortly after dancing his jig still.

“My name you must guess or be my bride”

“I will not” Repunzel shot back with a flutter of fear

“What!? You must it is my pence”

“I. Shall. Not.” She spat in defiance

“Then the deal you forfeit. I will take what is owed. Lose I shall not.” with that the little man shot forward and grasped a fist full of her hair and thrice wrapped his hand in it, pulling her to the window. Repunzel yelped in pain as the roar filled the room once more and the little man was no more. Yet as the hair did him in he spoke out one last cry.

“Cursed you be! Cursed for all to see, by I Rumplestiltskin, put a curse upon thee!” and that was that.

Repunzel and Jerum were quickly married and the little man forgotten. On their honeymoon they lay together as newly weds do. Full of passion and lust, Jerum tugged her braid thus once, twice, then thrice. As they found release the room filled with a roar that shook them to their very core.

The End

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Things Men Should Know PT.3: Nerdy the New Sexy?

Alright guys listen up, I am gonna talk about a subject that seems to be everywhere, that being, the Sexy Nerd. I am just here to say that this is a lie perpetuated by stores like Spencers, and hot topic with there “I wanna be funny Tshirts”. Seriously do you really think your big brain, video game knowledge, Steam account, and diverse degrees of Otakudom will beat out the jock with the fancy car(or a car period)? You really are mistaken if you do.

Being a picked on youth I know how beautiful the portrait that gets panted of girls liking nerds is to our bruised and ultimately broken psyches. please don’t fall for it protect your neck as the Wu-Tang would say. All these girls walking around with that Spongebob shirt that says I love nerds on it makes you happy almost as much as the fact she squeezed those melons into that 2 size to small shirt.

Let me break it down for you. Spongebob is a blatantly homosexual sponge who cross dresses with his lover a mentally handicapped star fish. Does that sounds like the gang from Revenge of the nerds? I don’t think so, Bugger would have nothing to do with that nonsense. Also is being a nerd just a pair of glasses? bad fashion sense? being shy? liking computers? NO, its a lifestyle damn it.

We hunker down in our rooms, offices, or basements away from the social norms running about in there shitty tshirts to download that new Torrent, read our favorite blog, check out the forums for any threads we may have missed, to see if the new WoW patch dropped. Our social skills come bound with the grace of a sledge hammer used to paint.

Don’t think i am self hating nerd or a nerd who has lot all hope because I know how this ends later in life my brethren as do all those nerd oppressors and those shitty tshirt snake oil salesmen.