Things Men Should Know PT.3: Nerdy the New Sexy?

Alright guys listen up, I am gonna talk about a subject that seems to be everywhere, that being, the Sexy Nerd. I am just here to say that this is a lie perpetuated by stores like Spencers, and hot topic with there “I wanna be funny Tshirts”. Seriously do you really think your big brain, video game knowledge, Steam account, and diverse degrees of Otakudom will beat out the jock with the fancy car(or a car period)? You really are mistaken if you do.

Being a picked on youth I know how beautiful the portrait that gets panted of girls liking nerds is to our bruised and ultimately broken psyches. please don’t fall for it protect your neck as the Wu-Tang would say. All these girls walking around with that Spongebob shirt that says I love nerds on it makes you happy almost as much as the fact she squeezed those melons into that 2 size to small shirt.

Let me break it down for you. Spongebob is a blatantly homosexual sponge who cross dresses with his lover a mentally handicapped star fish. Does that sounds like the gang from Revenge of the nerds? I don’t think so, Bugger would have nothing to do with that nonsense. Also is being a nerd just a pair of glasses? bad fashion sense? being shy? liking computers? NO, its a lifestyle damn it.

We hunker down in our rooms, offices, or basements away from the social norms running about in there shitty tshirts to download that new Torrent, read our favorite blog, check out the forums for any threads we may have missed, to see if the new WoW patch dropped. Our social skills come bound with the grace of a sledge hammer used to paint.

Don’t think i am self hating nerd or a nerd who has lot all hope because I know how this ends later in life my brethren as do all those nerd oppressors and those shitty tshirt snake oil salesmen.


5 comments on “Things Men Should Know PT.3: Nerdy the New Sexy?

  1. Nerds are sexy. I’d rather have the nerd than the jock with the sports car.

    But then, I’m a female nerd, sooooo… all bets are off.

  2. Nerds have qualities that jocks are lacking, like a real sense of humor and humility. What woman wants a guy who only thinks of himself and enjoys tormenting others? Nothing wrong with a nerd, most of the time (though not all) their good features over power the ultra nerd that the females find weird and don’t always understand. You just have to find the right woman 🙂 They’re out there!

  3. What they said! It really depends on the girl- if she’s a nerd herself she’ll most likely be attracted to other nerds because of common interests. I’m a HUGE nerd, and have dated non-nerds and nerds and determined that I prefer to date nerds, so I do! Ultimately though, as everyone already knows- just be your self!!

  4. Besides, not all nerds are stereotypical. For instance, as an evil genius, while I can just disintegrate jock -types, it is far more fun to turn them into sparrows and name all of them Jack.
    Making bad look good.
    M. Perfidious.

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