Fairy Tale Fiction

Well the Writing Challenge is over, I lost but it was to my fellow group 5’r Everything Rainbow. Looks like Group 5 is on the rebound hehe. Any way I am gonna post the story below and hopefully the PDF for anyone who wants to take with’em. Hope you enjoy guys because I had a blast writing it.

Second Chances, Just Desserts

As the sun set slowly over the horizon, Repunzel ran the comb given to her by the King’s son Jerum through her hair,awaiting his arrival. They had met one evening just like this when he, after watching for some days called out like the enchantress for her to let down her hair. When she did, my was she surprised at the young and handsome man, who begged with desperate fervor to take her away from her isolated prison home with the Enchantress.

“Repunzel, Repunzel let down your hair” came the call that broke her revere.

With out fail she did so and up came a droll-looking little man with pointed shoes, pointed ears, sharp eyes and a knife like smile.

Repunzel gasped with fear “who are you? You are not my prince”

The little man made no move towards her but looked at her and the drab room in which she lived then after some time spoke.

“Who I am is not important, what I am is not a matter either, but what I can do and do for you is a matter of the gravest”

“Do for me? Why would you come here and risk the enchantress to do something for me” Repunzel asked her curiosity over power her fear of the little man.

“I was slighted once in a game of chance, I thought rigged for my quick advance. A new leaf I have turned and life begun to save the kind for a deed in kind” he spoke with a sing song rhyme.

“Be quick miss Repunzel your prince is near yet the Enchantress is nearer, the danger in her anger must not be tested, even by likes of me” he warned and quickly glance out the window

“She knows of my prince? Woe is me, what can I do to be free and have my prince all to me?” she asked and wept softly

“Dear, dear do not fear, Drink of this and think not of it.” His small hand held out a small bottle filled with the blackest of liquids like the starless night sky brewed to a tea of pitch.

Repunzel drank it down then remembered his words “what do I owe you if this works little man?”

“Think not of it my price is a pence, now I hide and wait to see the end of this witch” and the little man scuttled away into the corner behind her shabby wardrobe.

Repunzel jumped as the call came from the enchantress below “Repunzel, Repunzel let down your hair to me” she let her hair down as always and the enchantress shimmied up. Repunzel still with fear for her prince watched her silently trying not to seem nervous.

The enchantress watched out the window for along while then turned with a snap “how are you this fine evening my dear?”

“I am fine, lonely but fine”

“Lonely but how so, I visit you everyday” the enchantresses tone was like honey, warm and sticky, to Repunzel’s senses and before she knew what she was doing she began to speak.

“I have not been truly bored or lonely, for the King’s son Jerum has come to me nightly”

“Has he now?” more honey oozed in that voice

“Yes, he is so handsome, light is his climb, barely jostling my head. Whilst yours pains my head and neck.”

The Enchantress fell in to a rage as her own powers pulled these words from Repunzel “well fine I will see how he can come to you, if you have not the tresses for his climb”

She grabbed the thickly braided golden locks of Repunzel’s hair winding them once, twice, then thrice about her hand and wrist. Lifting them high she drew out a dagger and went to hack away at the braid when the room filled with a roar like that of a savage beast. The locks unbound at the end of the braid and entangled the enchantress, who howled in surprise and agony as the locks of hair produce tooth and fang. In a flurry of blood, crunching and snapping bone ending with the hair burping in satisfaction the Enchantress was no more.

The little man jumped out from behind the wardrobe and danced a jig “see, you are free now you must be my bride or guess my name. The pence of my fee in three days I will be back to see” with that he was up and out of the window.

Repunzel for two days and two nights wept into the arms of her prince. She told him the tale and the fate of the enchantress. Upon the third day he said the choice was obvious, do to him the same that befell the enchantress. That night he left as usual but hide in the brush to wait and see. The little man came shortly after dancing his jig still.

“My name you must guess or be my bride”

“I will not” Repunzel shot back with a flutter of fear

“What!? You must it is my pence”

“I. Shall. Not.” She spat in defiance

“Then the deal you forfeit. I will take what is owed. Lose I shall not.” with that the little man shot forward and grasped a fist full of her hair and thrice wrapped his hand in it, pulling her to the window. Repunzel yelped in pain as the roar filled the room once more and the little man was no more. Yet as the hair did him in he spoke out one last cry.

“Cursed you be! Cursed for all to see, by I Rumplestiltskin, put a curse upon thee!” and that was that.

Repunzel and Jerum were quickly married and the little man forgotten. On their honeymoon they lay together as newly weds do. Full of passion and lust, Jerum tugged her braid thus once, twice, then thrice. As they found release the room filled with a roar that shook them to their very core.

The End

Creative Commons License
This work by Jason G. Banks is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


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