John Carter of Mars

Its been a while since I did a movie review so I figured I would start off with probably the biggest movies of the year next only to the Avengers movie, John Carter of Mars. I originally had no idea what john carter was about, and to be honest had never even heard of it until a friend informed me that is was a book and a comic series. Not being able to get my hands on the source material before seeing the movie I went in with a clean unbiased view of the movie.

Overall John Carter was a good movie, great CG, and special effects, and a good story. The story in a nutshell with out spoiling anything is john carter is a cavalry man from the civil war who is tired of the blood shed and simple wants to settle down and get rich. some high jinx ensue along with some insights into Carter’s back story and he is then transported to mars and the story really kicks into high gear.

The acting was pretty good nothing horrible and nothing above and beyond the call Carter was played by Taylor Kitsch who you all may also know from that horrible film Wolverine: Origins were in he played Gambit. The co-star and second main character was played by Lynn Collins who we also know from Wolverine: Origins as Sliverfox. So the two main actors have some blemishes on there record but we can forget and forgive right? Some others you might know with smaller rolls in the cast are William Dafoe, Ciaran Hinds who played in the fantastic horror film along side Daniel Radcliffe Women in Black. Bryan Cranston of malcom in the middle fame, also Don Stark pops in as a store keeper during Carters time on earth whom you will know from That 70’s Show. This is a very eclectic group to put together yet they make this movie fun and enjoyable for the whole family even if there rolls are small in the grand scheme of things because we all love going “hey is that the guy?”.

This movie has a massive amount of special effects and CG and it is all done fantastically though i couldn’t help but draw comparisons between The aliens of this film and those of the movie Avatar, I mean you add some tusks and make them blue and they would relatively be the same creation. Do I think this parallel is a detriment,no. I mean if your going to take inspiration from a movies special effects then Avatar would be the one to do it because i looked wonderful.

All in all this movie was a fun ride I don’t have any thing truly negative to say about the film, and I definitely feel it should be seen in theaters with the whole family and there is even a loveable dog character.

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3 comments on “John Carter of Mars

  1. Good review! I was curious about this movie and you’ve just shed some light on it. I want to see it more now than I did after seeing the previews on tv. Great pics to highlight the movie theme, and a very good write up about it. Thanks for sharing this! 🙂

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