Project X

To finish up my silver screen double feature with Project X a movie I can only all the Hangover, Superbad, and American Pie in a steroid induced thrall of perversity, and to make it clear this is not one for the kids, hell if you a lady I don’t think it will be up your alley unless you really got a lust for boobs, pseudo lesbian imagery, and rampant drug use. with that out of the way this movie was fucking sweet.

I have to say I didn’t want to see this movie when I saw the trailers and read up on it, but as these things are sometimes to happen I was drug to it and thus was beholden to some of the funniest most over the top high jinx since Get’em to the Greek.

This movie is very simple three friends want to through a party for one of there member’s birthday. It just so happens the birthday boy’s parents are going out of town for said birthday and the trio of buddies will be home alone thus you see where this is going. Despite there low social standings in there high school the party is a success beyond all things imaginable.

I don’t really know how much i can go into with out ruining the plot and having a billion spoilers but here goes. To note there are ecstasy filled lawn ornaments, the torment of midgets in a locked oven, blow up dolls, and a bouncy house. To say this movie is ridiculous is an understate and that is to its credit.

This movie is also shot in the suddenly popular hand held Mocumentary style that has become so fashionable with Hollywood these days. The film does not suffer from unsteady camera shots or nauseating camera angles. also to its credit this movie utilizes slow motions, speedy quick cut montages to illuminate the debauchery fabulously through out this film.

So surprisingly this film is well shot from a technical standpoint albeit it will not win any Oscars nor boast writing descendant from the gods but will make you laugh, and ask yourself “what the hell just-” through out its entirety. I feel this is a movie best experienced on the big screen for what it is but would make a perfect addition to any comedy section of one’s personal film collection. So go see this before it leaves the theaters it is well worth your money which is something not many movies can say these days.


By BigBear85 Posted in Movies

2 comments on “Project X

  1. This is the kind of movie I’d watch when it comes on tv…years later…Don’t get me wrong…I love a raunchy, stupid comedy now and again but I’m not paying to go see it. Thanks for the review 😉

    • its a good laugh and well worth the pick up whether in theaters of DVD

      Though I totally see what your saying sadly production companies charge theaters so badly ticket prices and such are making it hard to wanna see something in the theater

      Hell the price for a blu-ray is almost th same price as 2 movie tickets meaning date night is couch night lol

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