In the Den with our FDØ, Scott Sigler



There’s no jokes, or rants for today. I know, I know your astounded and asking yourself Why? Well this is because I was privileged enough to be able to do an email based interview with one of my favorite authors Scott Sigler. He is a traditionally published author through Crown publishing. He is also self publishing his GFL(Galactic Football League) series through his very own Dark ØverLord Media, amazingly it doesn’t stop there he also publishes all his work as free serialized audiobooks through his podcast. As well as broken into ebook publishing by making all his novels available as ebook along with exclusive novellas tied into the canon of his GFL series. I am seriously biting back the fanboy here so I will end it with out further ramblings.


My Interview with author Scott Sigler…


1) Scott, you have been podcasting for quite a while now, years in fact, when did you decide or realize that Podasting would be what your Fiction, your career was based on and around?

I didn’t exactly decide podcasting would be my thing.  I did land a print deal with an imprint of AOL/TimeWarner, and EARTHCORE was supposed to be out in mass market paperback in May 2002. However, in the post-911 recession, TimeWarner scrapped everything that wasn’t profitable. My imprint wasn’t profitable yet, hence, the whole project was shut down. It took me about three years to get the rights back. By then it was 2005, I discovered podcasting, and thought it was going to be the future of novels, short stories and storytelling.

Your fiction is in many forms, Short Fiction(blood casts), Long Fiction(Nocturnal, I say this because, man that in its original form was a massive work and as you have updated your junkies on the new Nocturnal’s status you’ve said you have gone away from the expansive epic adventure it was, to a more stream line action thriller like work), Series Fiction(GFL Series), Co-Authoring(Title fight with Matt Wallace), and you now even have Mur Lafferty writing a novella for your GFL series character Yolanda Adams.

2) That being said did you openly attempt to be such a varied writer or did this just happen over the years as you wrote more and more?

 I don’t know that it was an attempt to be varied as much as it was an effort to get better.  I challenged myself with different projects:  a short story a week for a few months (BLOODCAST Sesaons 1 & 2); a “crowd-sourced” first draft (NOCTURNAL); a co-written novella with two protagonists (TITLE FIGHT).  All of these projects helped me get better as a writer by challenging me.  And it has the added benefit of lots of finished product.

3) Speaking of Mur Lafferty writing for you how did you come up with that idea and her specifically?

Mur’s a great writer.  I’d already written Pink Tornado for her universe, and we’re friends.   When Dark Øverlord was getting ready to outsource the GFL novellas, Mur was a perfect fit for writing Yolanda’s story. She knows the GFL stories and did a great job. Currently that book is only available if you pre-order THE MVP and NOCTURNAL before March 31st and send proof of purchase to


4) have you thought of any one else whom you would like to bring into your universe Tee, Pip, Rossi, Jeffery, or maybe even the Hutch?

We’ve already commissioned and received a story from Matt Wallace called THE DETECTIVE, about Frederico Esteban Giuseppe Gonzaga.  Currently the only way to get that novella at the moment is to come to one of my tour stops this year.  (Check those out at

Back to your short Fiction for a bit. These currently are The Blood Casts 1 & 2 , Blood is Red, and Bones Are White(as noted in the list of your fiction works at the beginning of the All-Pro)

5) Will you be creating new fiction for a new Bloodcast, or another anthology piece to come after Bones Are White?

We plan to release one short story collection each year, if I can keep up the pace with the writing. FIRE IS ORANGE is on-deck for Spring 2013.

You being  a Science Fiction Horror Author your love of the horror movie is well known as you blogged and podcast about it under the name “Laughing in the face of Death”

6)Will you ever go back to podcasting and writing those pieces as they were not really apart of your fiction, more like away for your readers to see what you liked outside of writing?

Those were columns written for I recorded the columns I was paid to write anyway, since many of my fans know me by my audio.  They were a lot of fun, but at the moment it’s much better for me to be writing fiction.  If they come back, it won’t be for a long while.

Last but certainly not least You are approaching a changing point in your fiction publishing your, older content has now almost all been published with Nocturnal coming up and Earthcore to follow. Your series fiction also looks to be rounding up with the 3rd book in the infected series pandemic already in the works, as well as the sequel to Ancestor, the Descendant. The sequel to Earthcore; Mt.Fitzroy and the Crypt to give the Coup de grace.
7) Have you been brain storming, or bouncing ideas off A (A Kovacs) about where you want to go with your new fiction?

We are always brainstorming. Always.  And I have a back log of ideas that’s 37 stories long.  And we’ve got Dark Øverlord planned out for at least the next eighteen months.  Short answer: yes.

As a parting note, remember NOCTURNAL hits April 3, 2012, and we’re pushing hard to make it a success.  There’s a bunch of great incentives you can learn about at  and a West Coast Tour April 2 -10, 2012.  Snag a copy and come out and say hi!


Well there you having my bit of time with our FDO(Future Dark Øverlord). I hope I did well and look forward to comments being this is my first attempt at an interview. Well Big Bear is signing out and hopefully I can get more interviews with authors for you guys and make this a regular thing here in the den. until next time

*Slips off into what he hopes his the deepest part of his den yet still the echoes of his fanboy “Øsquee” are heard quite clearly*



6 comments on “In the Den with our FDØ, Scott Sigler

  1. A nicely done interview and one that works very well for the reader. Whilst a lot of people ask more questions, fewer often gets the authors to commit as well as making sure that the reader sticks around for the full piece.

    Congrats on doing so well JG.

  2. Nicely handled Bear. An author with a more complex portfolio than many, but I think you weaved the different threads of the interview together well. I’ll be looking forward to your next one. 🙂

    • Thanks, Balticon is coming up and if i get to go as i plan I will try to get some live ones there if at all possible seeing as Scott Sigler will be there along with Mighty Mur Lafferty, and Tee Morris and his Wife Philippa Balantine Morris pretty much all my fav authors and probably more i dont know about

  3. I’m behind in my blog reading but slowing getting caught up. I know you were really proud of getting this interveiw and I just wanted to say you did a great job. It’s really cool that you got this interveiw. 🙂

    • Thanks Momma, I have been a busy Bear but I will be back into the swing of things this month since I missed a a crit last month the pressure is on for me to get all the crits done because I enjoy reading and getting something back to all you guys

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