Friday Flash: Have Gun Will Travel

Sorry if this is a bit rushed but I have some things coming that I have to get done, what do you ask? well an ARC review of a novel, an interview with that author, and a video game review of the early parts to XenoBlade Chronicles, so hope you enjoy and keep and eye out for the Bear. Also looking into getting a banner made for the den so if you know any awesome artist drop me aline and I will check them out. any way enjoy



Immortal Whispers #3- Have Gun Will Travel


The cool breeze played across the rooftops, bringing with it the scents of the city below. So where someone was cooking, alcohol and piss foretold of someones bad hangover. This place was his home, his reality. Dirty, gritty, dangerous, all essence of what was real.

The target paused looking over the door women, a pretty blond, and smiled. She smiled back, but he didn’t move on. Chase breathed out, letting the meaty portion of his trigger finger squeeze back.



He held the breath, counted to seconds, then another slow exhale,



Squee-BLAM! The rifle jumped with the force of the bullet leaving with a brilliant white flash from the end of the barrel.


The blond leaned back a brilliant smile elegant and genuine spread onto her feature before laughter shook it away. The bullet met the targets skull just back of his left temple, neatly almost gentle. Then the transfer of energy came lifting up and opening the top of the targets skull letting to flap like an askew macabre toupee. The back of the eye socket ruptured out and shattered. The eye itself was untouched shot free like a shuttle escaping planetary orbit, only to crash land against the cheek of the blond. It popped like an over filled water balloon.

The rounds exit bloomed in the bottom right side of the targets face, loosing the teeth in his jaw like pearly white shrapnel. The blond laughed died on the vine becoming a shriveled, hollow wail as if she had been the one shot. Chase snickered to no one in particular while he broke down the rifle, and stowed his instrument in a mundane looking brown leather briefcase. He had to move. The shot would draw cops, cops could call choppers and set up road blocks. Speed was his savior, so speed was his way of life, so speed and a gun was how he lived up to his moto “Have Gun Will Travel”.

He slipped down the fire escaped, moving with well oiled grace. At the last level he jump the remaining ten or so feet and strode toward the end of the alley. He paused straightened his tie, smoothed over the breast of his suit coat and stepped out in to the morning flow. He arrive at the corner beneath a sign that said “bus stop” and check his watch it was 6:55am and he smiled. The bus pulled over and stopped at 7:02am a bit late but nothing beats some tension he thought as he stepped aboard ,paid the toll and took his seat right behind the driver. As the bus pulled away a streak of blue and red flashing lights shrieked by and again he smiled.


That evening Chase sat in the warm steaming water of his eightieth floor penthouse suite’s jacuzzi. The jets were turned off as he loved a good soak now and again, this days work pulled of with out so much as a arrant hair out of place deserved a meditative like trance of relaxation.

“Mmm” he moaned softly sliding a bit lower into the water.

His bodies unwanted tension let go but for one place. Soon though it this place too relaxed, and the cause rose from the water with a deep satisfied inhale and lick of his lips. The young man of no more than twenty five reached up and slicked back his coppery red hair. Chase had a thing for red heads, you could say it was his one and only weakness. So when this favorite of his called upset by the killing that happened on his doorstep, just before he went to work this morning he was only too obliged to let him come over and be comforted.

“Its getting late” the red head said standing to get out of the water

“Its not to late” Chase cooed, his hunger not yet sated

“True but I wouldn’t want give you a heart attack now would I?”

“Your just too good to me?”

The sarcasm in Chase’s voice was drown out as his lover turned on the jets as he rose naked from the water. He then followed the trail of crumpled cloths to the bedroom, then from there to the front door. Thing always started somewhere in the house and finished in the jacuzzi, it was a feverish routine they followed. Once dressed he called to Chase from the door.

“Get some rest, I’ll be by tomorrow, might even spend the night”

Chase looked up from the roiling water and smiled, this young thing was taming him, it felt oddly good.

“Fine by me, though I have been told I snore”

The red head smiled good bye opened the door into an awaiting shotgun. It wasted no time in greeting him with a roaring hello that opened his torso with ease. The second shot was unnecessary, as he was dead on his feet, but professionals are thorough. Thus it torn him clean in two the pieces on either side of the door. Chase was up and moving, but so where the killers.

He pulled his 1911 Pistol he kept on balcony were the jacuzzi was opening fire as he moved to his other stash of weaponry. Just as he moved into the house did the black clad man joined by two compatriots also in black unload with automatic fire that tore and pushed him back the way he’d come. He rested against the rail his body torn asunder as the first man with the shotgun stepped on the balcony. Chase saw the barrel raise, it erupted with a bang and white flash. It flung him over the railing and that was all knew.

Chase woke up on a floor. His body ached, but he managed to roll over.


“Where are you? Why you are in the Lock up” came a triumphant voice

“and we have much need for your specific set of skills, Have gun will travel…am I right?”


Friday Flash: Villain of My Heart

Immortal Whispers #2 Villain of My Heart

My dearest Lady Rose,

By the time this letter finds you, I will be gone. Or dead. That choice still remains to be seen, though this is not a concern you should dwell upon. I have made sure all the affairs are in order, you shall never need to work for as long as breath finds your beautiful bosom and your tender heart beats. I know this is sudden, I know this is the actions of villain, but the thought of you baring my child, taking that risk.

Its just not worth it, I cannot bare to see one I love in such a state, so I took the cowards way and run, though my cowardice knows no ends for ending my life maybe the only way I can make amends for the lives I have ruined over countless centuries.

Forgive Me Rose.

Attached is a journal, a chronicling of my sins. Please forgive what I have done to you it is all I can do, all I know how to do.

The villain of your Heart,

Grem D. Hardwick

Rose Hardwick had read that letter everyday for the past twenty one years. The tome like journal had become a constant source of information, hatred, longing, and hurt. Today was different, her time was almost up. The body she had held together during the birth of her daughter twenty ones years go was giving out, her will to live was not enough as age, fatigue, and depression took it’s toll.

“Mother, do you really believe these lies”

“Darla your father, never lied to me” Rose rasped

“Mother this journal is fiction” she stomped her foot before continuing “living for ever, impervious to injury, the ravings of mad coward!”

Rose watch their daughter as her hand frayed the edges of her blouse sleeve. He would do the same to his shirts she thought. That thought made her smile.

“If you do not believe then prove your horrible mother wrong”

“How can I prove that the curse of immortality should have killed me and you during my birth?” Darla asked

“I am dying Darla” Rose saw her daughter look away

“He should have stayed”

“He thought we would die and couldn’t bare to watch us torn torn from him like so many others, but he still held out hope and left us all we could ever need to live off”

Rose pushed up in her bed the strain bringing her a body rattling fit of coughing for the attempt. Her daughter came to her side all rage and confusion gone as she helped her prop up on the lavish silken pillows. In a fit of strength Rose didn’t know she still had in her, she shrugged off the help and pointed to the desk against the far wall.

“There, is a picture of him and the address were my men last heard word of him.”

Her daughter hesitated, rose waived her off as a another fit of coughing shook through her. On the desk the picture looked up at her his steely blue eyes broad stern face oozed power and dignity. He wore his hair as braid he coiled oddly around his neck then let hand down his front. This was her father? She snatched up the picture tears falling as she looked at the man her mother loved and was dying for.

Rose spoke her voice weak, and tired “if you find him, and he is the same as that picture” a cough broke her plea but she quickly forced it away and continued “then love him, be a family with him if not” Rose smiled a smile so dark, so deliriously vengeful that she looked nothing like the women who raised her “then take the pistol in the desk drawer and kill him, the villain of my heart”

As the worlds left her mother she cough so hard it looked as if something tore inside her. Then a trickle of blood appeared at the corner of her mouth and another ran from her nose. She embraced her mother but it was fore naught her mother had slipped away her legacy left to the only family she had left, her daughter.

Darla took a carriage to the address left by her mother a week later. She had packed light the pistol, the picture, and her mothers obituary. The driver pulled in front of what looked like the shambles of a flat that had seen better years.

“Do not wait for me” she said with out looking and entered the building

The dirt, dust, and bleak space couldn’t be called a living space for it barely registered as space. The cramped stairs lead to a cramped foyer. She knocked on the only door there. Nothing. She knocked again. Again Nothing. She cocked the first hammer and pulled the trigger just inches from the door knob. The sounds of splintered and destroyed wood was barely audible over the pistol’s report.

Darla strode in. Sitting in the wreck of a living room was a man who could have been the image freed from the picture in her pocket. He didn’t look a second older than what was captured. He didn’t speak, didn’t stand, only raised his hand to his lips as if to stifle a scream. In that moment Darla darted forward, pistols raised hammer back. The barrel pointed at his forehead and when the warm metal met his flesh it leapt with fire. Her eyes locked with his stricken, lulling orbs as he slump back in the mess that was the physical components for his most inner thoughts.

Breathing heavily she lay the obituary on his still chest, turned and strode toward the door. Content to leave him just as he was something stopped her.

“Her last was love for you, the villain of her Heart…father”

The impossible happened next. He leaned forward, stood and spoke as Darla’s word became nothing. she hit the floor in a heap.

“And I loved her”



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This work by Jason G. Banks is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Friday Flash Debut: King of The Blues

A friend of mine Danielle La Paglia is flash fiction enthusiast, and one thing we all know about people who are passionate about the things they love is that passion rubs off. So this will be my Friday Flash Fiction Debut. Since I have a blast writing short things I will be be trying to make a whole load of these flash vignettes until I decide to do something with them…may the Bear will podcast? huh huh? who knows, but anyway here you all go my Friday Flash debut…

Immortal Whispers #1- King of The Blues

The Guitar whined and wailed a mournful fugue. My voice crooned the lyrics of pain, of sorrow, the essence of the blues. The crowd rocked and swayed to the music’s pulse. They were at my command, the command of the king of blues.

In the front row she was smiling at me. In my mind her mouth rung open in terror. With each strum of Jezebel, my surgical instrument, I cut my way into their hearts and minds.

I knew this vision was true, they always came true. Truth always made the best music, when it was murder. Though sometimes it was sickness, accidents, but always death. The last chords twanged and faded as I stood before them, my subjects, and they applauded their King.

“Exit stage left” I thought to myself as I bowed my way off stage

“Great show” my manager Byran chirped

“You always say that”

“And if I told you it sucked?”

“You always say that too”

We laughed at the familiar post show jibes as I packed up Jezebel. Her sleek maple neck gleamed in the dressing room lights and gave a final glint as I closed the case lid.

“I saw you ya know” he baited the hook

“Saw what?” I tested the bait

“You sung for the front row hottie, she was digging it by the way” he reeled in abit

“Oh really? You know this how?”

He didn’t speak, simply pointed. The terror smile women was standing at the entrance backstage looking pleasantly expectant, her friend didn’t seem to be such a devoted fan.

“You planned this?” hook was now snug

Byran shrugged.

“Byran…I am not in the mood…I’ve songs to write” the excuse feeble though it was true

He again only shrugged walking down the hall “Ladies! May I introduce you to, the man of the hour, my friend, and cash cow…” with a robust hand motion for his finale tirade I stepped in.

“William Bellmore, or you may know me as Will B. More” I bowed just a tilt and my platinum album smile

At my arrival, the friend, who must have thought Byran was lying, gave me the once over. I was still a bit sweaty from the show so my confidence was not unfettered but played it off. My thick braided hair pulled back in a ponytail hanging down my back seemed to grow heavy under the now combined scrutiny, my dark gray slacks seemed not so slimming. The black shirt and thigh length leather coat were stifling as I shuffled nervously.

Even my many years of singing the blues and meeting thousands of fans. The inner shy nerd in me never got used to the eye fulls some took of me. The pretty ones were no exception. I heard Byran clear his throat. I met there gazes with my hazel eyes, the only attractive quality I have that impresses. They both seemed to stare back at me entranced.

“So,” Byran said “drinks then?”

“I can’t” I said I knew at this rate I could be have a raucous night with either or both of these beautiful women. Yet at that moment the vision decided to reassert itself. I saw her mouth once full lipped and succulent, torn in a ragged grimace of terror. I shook my head.

“Forgive me ladies, I have to go” with that I turned and fled. The weight of Jezebel an anchor to the reality that one of my fans died tonight and I would make millions with a hit song from that tragedy. I felt sick.

I made it back to my hotel, the shocked and agitated reactions from Byran and the ladies forgotten. I got to the bathroom, Jezebel clutched in my left hand I crumpled to the floor and wretched, sickened by my own inhumanity. Leaned Jezebel against the tub. I whipped my mouth with a hastily clutched clump of toilet paper as I stood peering into the mirror. The vision was still there throbbing away on repeat as if the melody it created has a life of it’s own. Who was I kidding, it did.

I staggered into the main part of the suite, my stomach felt full of hot sharp rocks. I thought I was gonna be sick again then saw myself in the dresser mirror and froze. My eyes were blue, pupil and cornea gone, replaced by glowing sapphire. At this the Melody paired with the lyrics roared to life. So much so it made my new eyes water uncontrollably, no I was crying the agony told me that.

I couldn’t take this. Not like this. Scrambling to the bathroom, I grabbed Jezebel as my stomach rocks rolled. I withdrew my prize, my medicine a Ruger SR9c pistol. Placing it to my temple just as the vision changed to the friend of terror smile women, now her twin in death set to music. I pulled the trigger.

I awoke on the floor of the bathroom, thick sticky dried blood caked everything beneath and behind me. How was I alive? I struggled to my feet and saw the mirror, or what was in the mirror. My face was half gone, pink blood stained muscle and bone worked open to the air as my mouth opened in a gasp of horror. The bullet must have ricocheted off my jaw. Then I saw the unthinkable. The gaping hole that was my face began to close and heal.

“I am…alive…?” I asked “no, thats wrong…” I slumped to the floor midst the brain matter, flesh and bone that should have been my final resting place. I looked over and Jezebel still lay resting against the tub. I picked her up and began to play as centuries of memories from a mind I had forcibly aerated healed.

I was immortal and I remembered that now, I also knew why I made myself forget. Singer of songs, for and by the dead.

I am King of the Blues.


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This work by Jason G. Banks is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

10 Zombie Movies You Should See…Twice!(It could save your life)

AH Yeah big bear is back in action and after a fantastic interview with Sir Siglerisimo, the FDO himself, I took a rural retreat tio Eagle Ridge Farm, and now I am revitalized, renewed and ready to educate. Educate you say? In what field…Zombie survival of course. The best way to do this visual add. Which is why the 10 things you should see twice gonna be 10 zombie films that could save your life.

The Horde

Is a wonderful horror film with fast rage zombies. it truly shows how a massive group of zombies is the most dangerous. Cops, gangsters, and criminals must ban together against the undead with all they can muster giving a good example of team play.


A paramedic team tried in vain to save there latest injury when he turns in to an undead and forces them to do the opposite of there normal jobs. This movie provides very goo insight into the life one will lead when on the movie and trying to survive and locate refuge.

Devil’s Playground

A movie where the zombies are fast. agile, and don’t know the meaning of quit. this movie teaches us one very important lesson do not let in fighting, bickering, or subterfuge  infiltrate your ranks. If it does it must be dealt with quickly and with finality.

Berlin Undead

This movie was a very fun and informative watch showing just how easily one can find ways around an apartment complex to avoid the undead. also how to engineer materials to your advantage. Also this film shows how team work truly will play apart if you are stuck in such a living space with other during the undead outbreak.

Night of the Living Dead

this is a classic traduce on how to survive a zombie outbreak when out man, out gunned, and with limited supplies on hand. This also shows you how hysteria, panic, and subterfuge can break a group. Another valuable lesson is how to not be rash in your plans for escape and survival when the undead horde is at your door.

Zombies of Mass Destruction

this is a film that shows you the true diversity that ones group of survivors can randomly take and how to deal with it, without hurting your chances of survival.

The Dead

This movie is a spectacular example of how to survive in a wide open area filled with zombies, and your supplies are down to what you have on hand. this also shows you how environment can play a huge role in how you choose to take on the undead scourge. whether its escape, hold up and wait, or the offensive purge of the undead all of these are shown and explored with varying degree of success.


This movie is a lesson fused with comedic over tones to soften the harsh reality of a zombie infestation. but this movies most valuable lessons are in keeping up your confidence in face of overwhelming devastation and the desolation that can set in on one during their survival.

Perkins 14

This movie only has one real lesson to teach us but it is something we all my face at one point or another during the zombie outbreak. That is Family, who have fallen to the undead and need to be expunged. a grizzly reminder that they lost, and we have still yet to survive and try to win in face of the odds

Dead Meat

I have placed this movie on the list as not a way to learn to survive but learn what not to do. because if you go about this films way of trying to survive you wont last very long amongst the me.


Noe my fellow Zombie apocalypse survivors These are 10 films that will teach you valuable lesson on how to survive the zombie outbreak, offensive and purge. so please take heed of them and know that when the day comes I will be with you in the resistance and removal of the undead. So I will give an item for item breakdown of my zombie survival gear so until then this is big bear signing out from the den.


Eagle Ridge Farm

Sometimes it takes a bit of reverie for you to realize just how wonderful some places are. For me the most wondrous place is Eagle Ridge Farm, owned and run by my mom and dad Jay and Arlene Wright.

This is my place of peace I know I have talked about it some on here before but It never ceases to amaze me just how much a visit out there seems to revitalize me.

I try to help out as much as I can when I go down with the animals(cows, chickens, horse etc), or the farm itself whether its fencing, equipment, mucking the chicken coup, or just making sure no cattle decided to go for a walk down the road.

Yeah I know its hard work, but its hard work done with your hands. This type of hard work is therapeutic in a very down to earth, simple sorta way, for me that is. I know most people younger or of my generation who have never lived this sort of way don’t get what I am saying. Just think how gratified you are when you accomplish some grievous task. Now take that feeling of accomplishment and put it to something that helps your family, and the animals you think of as children. Big beautiful, several hundred if not thousand pound children lol and you will get a sense of how this type of work is for me.

This time up I didn’t in in time to help with the fencing but I did get to help with a horse/cattle trailer that needed its floor replaced. It was easy going until we got to a few select board that weren’t nailed or slid in but screwed in. Needless to say after a grand expanse of cursing, soda/water breaks and some crowbar use later we got them up and out.

To our relief the frame work and axles of the tiler were just fine, though they did need a bit of washing. Just some advice a pressure washer is invaluable for farm/home equipment let me tell you.

The animals also come to watch and give there varied advice. Though the most openly out spoken of the bunch are the gobblers. Yes Gobblers a.k.a BIG FREAKING TURKEYS.

These loveable and delicious fowls convene in the evening about the porch to let us know of how are days work went and what hey expected of us. I don’t think I have to tell you howvaluable there opinions where to us lol.

There where other audience member as well through out the day though they are the security. And I hope you realize that on a far of this size(300 acres) that only 3 Great Pyrenees led by mister Sam will do.

To this big, white, fluffy, cuddly trio’s credit they have killed dear, found the remains of a bear though no confirmation if they killed the transgressor, though they did chase a mother and two cubs off the property late last year so they do not fear the common black bear of the Appalachian Mountains.

So if your ever around a farm and see some big white fluffy beasties roaming about the tree line, don’t mistake them for sheep, because these guys could use sheep for a snack lol. Though in all honesty they are severe lil push overs. Some belly rubbing and dog treats and they love you.

Lastly on our way home we stopped to feed the oldest members of the farm Raven and Candycane. These steadfast, picturesk gaurdians of man’s bonding with his environment and the nature about him couldnt have cared less about the trailer or are sweat filled work. All they wanted was the bag of apples we try to bring with us for them.

what you don’t believe me? You try leaving a spoiled horse with out some kinda treat. Don’t worry I’ll wait.

With our way bared we simply had to placate the wonderfully spoiled Candycane with apples, and nose scratches whilst we fended off Raven the shadowmare from range with well tossed or rolled apples.

Once this was done we still needed there permission to leave. And after Candycane’s well honed noses inspection we were off. Another trip to the farm done.

And as always it was time well spent, amongst family, those we love, and or are in service to lol. Whether it is for food, home repair, or the simple nose scratch.