Eagle Ridge Farm

Sometimes it takes a bit of reverie for you to realize just how wonderful some places are. For me the most wondrous place is Eagle Ridge Farm, owned and run by my mom and dad Jay and Arlene Wright.

This is my place of peace I know I have talked about it some on here before but It never ceases to amaze me just how much a visit out there seems to revitalize me.

I try to help out as much as I can when I go down with the animals(cows, chickens, horse etc), or the farm itself whether its fencing, equipment, mucking the chicken coup, or just making sure no cattle decided to go for a walk down the road.

Yeah I know its hard work, but its hard work done with your hands. This type of hard work is therapeutic in a very down to earth, simple sorta way, for me that is. I know most people younger or of my generation who have never lived this sort of way don’t get what I am saying. Just think how gratified you are when you accomplish some grievous task. Now take that feeling of accomplishment and put it to something that helps your family, and the animals you think of as children. Big beautiful, several hundred if not thousand pound children lol and you will get a sense of how this type of work is for me.

This time up I didn’t in in time to help with the fencing but I did get to help with a horse/cattle trailer that needed its floor replaced. It was easy going until we got to a few select board that weren’t nailed or slid in but screwed in. Needless to say after a grand expanse of cursing, soda/water breaks and some crowbar use later we got them up and out.

To our relief the frame work and axles of the tiler were just fine, though they did need a bit of washing. Just some advice a pressure washer is invaluable for farm/home equipment let me tell you.

The animals also come to watch and give there varied advice. Though the most openly out spoken of the bunch are the gobblers. Yes Gobblers a.k.a BIG FREAKING TURKEYS.

These loveable and delicious fowls convene in the evening about the porch to let us know of how are days work went and what hey expected of us. I don’t think I have to tell you howvaluable there opinions where to us lol.

There where other audience member as well through out the day though they are the security. And I hope you realize that on a far of this size(300 acres) that only 3 Great Pyrenees led by mister Sam will do.

To this big, white, fluffy, cuddly trio’s credit they have killed dear, found the remains of a bear though no confirmation if they killed the transgressor, though they did chase a mother and two cubs off the property late last year so they do not fear the common black bear of the Appalachian Mountains.

So if your ever around a farm and see some big white fluffy beasties roaming about the tree line, don’t mistake them for sheep, because these guys could use sheep for a snack lol. Though in all honesty they are severe lil push overs. Some belly rubbing and dog treats and they love you.

Lastly on our way home we stopped to feed the oldest members of the farm Raven and Candycane. These steadfast, picturesk gaurdians of man’s bonding with his environment and the nature about him couldnt have cared less about the trailer or are sweat filled work. All they wanted was the bag of apples we try to bring with us for them.

what you don’t believe me? You try leaving a spoiled horse with out some kinda treat. Don’t worry I’ll wait.

With our way bared we simply had to placate the wonderfully spoiled Candycane with apples, and nose scratches whilst we fended off Raven the shadowmare from range with well tossed or rolled apples.

Once this was done we still needed there permission to leave. And after Candycane’s well honed noses inspection we were off. Another trip to the farm done.

And as always it was time well spent, amongst family, those we love, and or are in service to lol. Whether it is for food, home repair, or the simple nose scratch.


2 comments on “Eagle Ridge Farm

  1. Wow, sounds like you had a lot of fun. Whilst I haven’t done farmwork I know a lot of people who have and whilst it is a hard thing, its also one of the most rewarding. Animal wise I know how it is as with my Dad’s job (prior to retirement) we always had animals in that needed looking after whether it was foxes, badgers, ferrets, otters, numerous cats and dogs or even things like Seal’s in the bathtub. (Not to mention many birds of prey.) It was a lot of fun although I always hated the heartbreak of losing some.

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