Friday Flash: Have Gun Will Travel

Sorry if this is a bit rushed but I have some things coming that I have to get done, what do you ask? well an ARC review of a novel, an interview with that author, and a video game review of the early parts to XenoBlade Chronicles, so hope you enjoy and keep and eye out for the Bear. Also looking into getting a banner made for the den so if you know any awesome artist drop me aline and I will check them out. any way enjoy



Immortal Whispers #3- Have Gun Will Travel


The cool breeze played across the rooftops, bringing with it the scents of the city below. So where someone was cooking, alcohol and piss foretold of someones bad hangover. This place was his home, his reality. Dirty, gritty, dangerous, all essence of what was real.

The target paused looking over the door women, a pretty blond, and smiled. She smiled back, but he didn’t move on. Chase breathed out, letting the meaty portion of his trigger finger squeeze back.



He held the breath, counted to seconds, then another slow exhale,



Squee-BLAM! The rifle jumped with the force of the bullet leaving with a brilliant white flash from the end of the barrel.


The blond leaned back a brilliant smile elegant and genuine spread onto her feature before laughter shook it away. The bullet met the targets skull just back of his left temple, neatly almost gentle. Then the transfer of energy came lifting up and opening the top of the targets skull letting to flap like an askew macabre toupee. The back of the eye socket ruptured out and shattered. The eye itself was untouched shot free like a shuttle escaping planetary orbit, only to crash land against the cheek of the blond. It popped like an over filled water balloon.

The rounds exit bloomed in the bottom right side of the targets face, loosing the teeth in his jaw like pearly white shrapnel. The blond laughed died on the vine becoming a shriveled, hollow wail as if she had been the one shot. Chase snickered to no one in particular while he broke down the rifle, and stowed his instrument in a mundane looking brown leather briefcase. He had to move. The shot would draw cops, cops could call choppers and set up road blocks. Speed was his savior, so speed was his way of life, so speed and a gun was how he lived up to his moto “Have Gun Will Travel”.

He slipped down the fire escaped, moving with well oiled grace. At the last level he jump the remaining ten or so feet and strode toward the end of the alley. He paused straightened his tie, smoothed over the breast of his suit coat and stepped out in to the morning flow. He arrive at the corner beneath a sign that said “bus stop” and check his watch it was 6:55am and he smiled. The bus pulled over and stopped at 7:02am a bit late but nothing beats some tension he thought as he stepped aboard ,paid the toll and took his seat right behind the driver. As the bus pulled away a streak of blue and red flashing lights shrieked by and again he smiled.


That evening Chase sat in the warm steaming water of his eightieth floor penthouse suite’s jacuzzi. The jets were turned off as he loved a good soak now and again, this days work pulled of with out so much as a arrant hair out of place deserved a meditative like trance of relaxation.

“Mmm” he moaned softly sliding a bit lower into the water.

His bodies unwanted tension let go but for one place. Soon though it this place too relaxed, and the cause rose from the water with a deep satisfied inhale and lick of his lips. The young man of no more than twenty five reached up and slicked back his coppery red hair. Chase had a thing for red heads, you could say it was his one and only weakness. So when this favorite of his called upset by the killing that happened on his doorstep, just before he went to work this morning he was only too obliged to let him come over and be comforted.

“Its getting late” the red head said standing to get out of the water

“Its not to late” Chase cooed, his hunger not yet sated

“True but I wouldn’t want give you a heart attack now would I?”

“Your just too good to me?”

The sarcasm in Chase’s voice was drown out as his lover turned on the jets as he rose naked from the water. He then followed the trail of crumpled cloths to the bedroom, then from there to the front door. Thing always started somewhere in the house and finished in the jacuzzi, it was a feverish routine they followed. Once dressed he called to Chase from the door.

“Get some rest, I’ll be by tomorrow, might even spend the night”

Chase looked up from the roiling water and smiled, this young thing was taming him, it felt oddly good.

“Fine by me, though I have been told I snore”

The red head smiled good bye opened the door into an awaiting shotgun. It wasted no time in greeting him with a roaring hello that opened his torso with ease. The second shot was unnecessary, as he was dead on his feet, but professionals are thorough. Thus it torn him clean in two the pieces on either side of the door. Chase was up and moving, but so where the killers.

He pulled his 1911 Pistol he kept on balcony were the jacuzzi was opening fire as he moved to his other stash of weaponry. Just as he moved into the house did the black clad man joined by two compatriots also in black unload with automatic fire that tore and pushed him back the way he’d come. He rested against the rail his body torn asunder as the first man with the shotgun stepped on the balcony. Chase saw the barrel raise, it erupted with a bang and white flash. It flung him over the railing and that was all knew.

Chase woke up on a floor. His body ached, but he managed to roll over.


“Where are you? Why you are in the Lock up” came a triumphant voice

“and we have much need for your specific set of skills, Have gun will travel…am I right?”


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