Friday Flash: A Long Walk Home

Immortal Whispers #4 – A Long Walk Home


“Fuck man, I will sure be glad when we get out this tower, where the hell is that change over” Jayce said chewing the end of his rather stale but enjoyable cigar.

“I bet Sarge made’em walk and used the fucking golf cart himself” Groves griped


Jayce went to continue his complaints when two headlights illuminated the gloom. Then Groves grabbed the radio as Jayce leaned down looking through the night vision/ thermal scope on the 240 Bravo machine gun. His eyes and the barrel of the weapon tracked the vehicle,a white sedan. A favorite of bombers, and the groups that supported such acts.

“Call it up, zero two, four two hundred hours” Jayce said “ passing west north west at about three hundred and forty degrees” he finished the machine like rhetoric, Groves repeated it.

“We got’em on the raid camera, Towers 5, 6, 1 do you confirm sighting” came over the radio

The towers confirmed, tracking the vehicle out of our sight range. It wouldn’t be out of the raid cameras range for another several clicks.

“Were coming up! Asshole made us walk”

“Glad I didn’t bet you B, or I would be short on cigar money” Jayce looked at his friend and shrugged

Jayce told Groves he was skipping chow, and would be trying to get some phone time in with his young wife, and child. The lines for the phones at this hour weren’t long at at matter of fact if you got in on the phone early enough you could talk as long as you wants really, and that was one if not the only reason for the mid to late guard shift. The booth was just a wooden box with Category 5 telephone/ether wire, or Cat 5 cable, ran down from the ceiling to a lan phone. They did what they could and accepted what they must. It was a blessing to have this Jayce knew as he remembered his month on the COP, Combat Operation Post, cooking for grunts. It was four metal containers, four towers, two platoons, and four holes in the ground.

The interruption of the droning ring brought him back to reality. The his wife made it all worth while.

“Love it’s me”

“Its so good to hear your voice, been almost two weeks?” her statement was an accusing question

“It wasn’t us Bae, another companies COP got over run… ” he paused not wanting to finish

“A lot of families to notify huh?”

Jayce let that hang, then spoke “How is she?”

“Hungry like her daddy.”

He laughed “can I talk to her?”

“She’s asleep finally love, next time promise”

“Its aright bae. So you wannna? You know? I am by myself” he stiffened at the thought her pleasing herself for him, moaning her desire for his return, echoed in the groans of her orgasm.

“When you get the Internet in your room from the guy you gave steaks, I’ll invite Cathy over to celebrate” she teased him , more accusation flavored the comment but he let it slide

“You sure do-”

The world around Jayce became a tornado of smoke, flame, and wooden shrapnel. Ears rang, fist still clutching what remained of the phone. He staggered to his feet, another explosion rocked the FOB. Machine guns fired mixed with the screams of the wounded and the dying. He had to find his weapon.

He frantically searched until the cool steel of the barrel met his hand. The soldier turned on. Thirty round magazine checked, slammed home, bolt drawn and released. A satisfying chunk sounded as the round seated. Locked and loaded, he turned to moved to the HQ tent when the war cries came. In the sparse lighting he could make out their indigenously garbed forms pouring through the breached wall, over the wrecked burning hulk of what remained of a white sedan.

“Fucking towel heads” he spat raising his M4 Carbine, and opened fire.

The world was chaos, bullets buried themselves into sandbagged bunkers he skirted for cover. He never stopped firing. Switching magazines with precision a cook normally wouldn’t have, but as a country boy weapons were like his cooking natural extension of him life. He made sure those at the business end felt all he expressed. Bodies fell to quick tight shot group. Hours passed, the report of weapons died out as the sun began to rise. In the carnage he had found Groves and they now stood back to back. The rumbled of heavy vehicles filled the air, Jayce sighed relief, the armored company must have came as back up. What came through the wall wasn’t a tank but three dump trucks. They froze.

“More?” was all Jayce got to say as the trucks stopped. Then all was noise and flame.

Jayce awoke, looking at the sky and coughed up a gout of blood, he hurt so bad. The hammer blow fell, he couldn’t feel his legs. Gritting his teeth he looked, his waist was a mass of entrails in a pool of his own blood. Upon awaking the second time he saw something he never could’ve imagined. His legs were bing pulled up to his torso by tentacle like tendrils of blood and sinew and before his eyes they reattached themselves. He wiggled his toes, they danced for him, next was the hard part, He tired to stand.

He staggered, fell, staggered again then finally found his footing. He was alive it was a miracle, he would see his daughter, his wife. He jumped for joy, slipped in something and fell. He looked over and there was the torn open chest cavity of Groves eyes open face askew in horror at his sudden death. Jayce picked up the weapon Groves clutched, took the ammo that hadn’t cooked off in the explosion, and closed his friends eyes.

He surveyed the devastation around him, locked and loaded his M4 and turned North towards there sister FOB.

“This is going to be one long walk home”


4 comments on “Friday Flash: A Long Walk Home

  1. Shows promise Bear – you get the action to work well and the military aspects ring true. I would have liked to see more of his emotional reaction to seeing his own body knit itself back together, “…something he never could’ve imagined.” I’ll say. 🙂

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