Balticon 46–Part 2


I know, I know I been slow to give thoughts on the con and I know I said this would be the random picture post, but I feel structure should reign for professionalism sake anyway. That being said I am going to discuss the Dealers room and the Three venders who had the best wares in my opinion. so with out further blather on my part lets get into it shall we.




Sadly I did not get pictures of this booth but this tandem of well dressed folk had all your period clothing you could ever ask for. I myself even procured a coat to begin my Steampunk cosplay for next Balticon. They had clothing for the ladies bodices, corsets as well.

It begins








They also had some awesome pocket watches that I looked at…






If you are in the Baltimore area next year around this time and Balticon is your destination you gotta check out these guys and pick up something spiffy for you are a loved one


Night Shade Industries



This couple would all the rage in steampunk. Tee Morris even had a swagger stick of Steampunk make constructed for a curtain Captain we all wait to see return amongst the creations of Mister Morris’ mind.

Steampunk accessories galore

Steampunk at it’s finest

Steampunk skull wall hanging

Jewelry Box

Steampunk Fairy Statues















These guys had so much fantastic stuff I can’t tell you how I probably could have spent my budget there and not complained one bit but alas I only bought one things from them and it was a doozy. A Steampunk flask which the bear quickly had filled with rum from Encaffinated One‘s stash

I know were the rum has gone






So definately check these guys out if your into the world of steam or awesome brass canes with 1,00,000 volt stun rods in them and I will leave you on that note.


Tiger Torre Art


This Tigress had wonderful hand crafted leather works for sale. She was the first vendor to make me say, “Damn I should have brought more money” because I wanted several of her masks on display. Especially the one below…

Brown Bear Leather Mask








When I say that It screamed “buy me you fool!” I do mean screamed but alas I could not this was my first stop and I wanted to be sure nothing else would arise that grab me so. The Tigress however only smiled and said “I also have black bear masks available as well”. I withered beneath such sultry persuasions not to mention the Tigress had an awesome set of “fangs” to sink into a poor feeble man such as myself. NO you sick little perv she actually had fangs *drool in remembrance* hush I am a nerd and I will enjoy what I will 😉

Before I left using my handy dandy Iphone I looked through her other wares and her website and gathered much  insight into the huge amount of craft this Tigress has to offer up.

Several masks Crow, and owl among others

More Fabulous Masks








Well there you have it, I know this is not the only booths at the con in the dealers room but these guys really put there wares out there and have the quality, craft, and skill to show you just why you should be throwing money there way. Trust I am already planing my emails when the funds are ready to acquire items for Balticon. with that said the bear is out of here and look forward to the last and final post on Balticon 46 the pictures post….oooh the anticipation.


2 comments on “Balticon 46–Part 2

  1. I need to get a custom version of the red and black mask in your last picture. It needs to be custom so it fits with my beard line. Maybe this year… Tiger also has a booth at the Maryland Renaissance Festival.


    • I think she does or at least goes there. On her site she says she can fit them to go over glasses so to contour a beard line i don’t think would be hard at all

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